Becoming a Better Sister this Sisterhood Month Infographic

Did you know that the month we celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month is also when Delta Sigma Theta sorors commemorate Sisterhood Month? It is the perfect time to reflect on the love and warmth of the sisterhood we all share.

Celebrating Sisterhood Month

If you have been observing sisterhood month for years, then you probably have it mapped out already, but it can be confusing for those who are just starting. Here are some things you can do to incorporate sisterly love into your month.

• Text or call a sorority sister
It is a great way to let them know you are thinking of them and adore them greatly.

• Invite a sorority sister for a day out
This can be a worship service, a chapter meeting, a workout class, or learning new things together.

• Ponder upon the meaning of being a sorority sister
Study your oath and review what the sorority means to you.

• Carry out services
Performing service is an excellent way to show sisterhood.

• Give appreciation
Thank a committee member or office, whether they are national, regional, or local. This is an excellent way to appreciate their service and leadership.

• Grant forgiveness
If you have a sister you have a broken relationship with, try mending it.

• Flaunt your sorority pride
Show off your style with some DST apparel. Be loud and proud of your sorority.

• Support a worthy cause
Find a cause or charity close to your heart and support it in any way you can.

• Share memories
Think about your favorite moments with your sorority and share them with someone.

How to be a Better Sister?

Nobody is perfect; we can always work harder each day to become better sisters. You can reflect and improve yourself to celebrate Sisterhood Month. Consider the following to make your relationship better.

• Commemorate with your sisters
Show up and be genuinely happy for your sisters’ success and good news. This is a meaningful way to show them love, and they will always cherish the moment.

• Be present
Distraction is everywhere, making it challenging to focus at times. When truly engaged with a sister, giving them your undivided attention is invaluable. It is a worthwhile skill to learn how to be a great listener as it will make your sister feel appreciated and heard and enable you to connect with them more deeply.

• Be a woman of your word
Be the sister your soror can rely on and prove it by keeping your promises.

• Don’t give up on your sister
Recognize the shortcomings of your sorors because, just like you, they are not perfect. Work to love them but don’t condone their abusive behaviors. Instead, forgive them for moments of being human.

• Listen to their side
There are several viewpoints out there, and you should recognize them. Be open to seeing these different perspectives while being empathetic towards your sister because they may be right.

• Support her
Be there for your sister when they are having a difficult time. Observe and find a way to serve her since a loving sister can make a difference in times of pain. You can lend your shoulder for them to cry on or a listening ear.

What does Sisterhood Mean?

One of the founding principles of a sorority is sisterhood. Being a good sister means forgiving and companionship. Stand by each other when no one else seems to, and you will have a lifelong friend you can turn to during the good and bad times of your life. Go forth and be the best sister you can be because sisterhood is and love and forever.



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