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There are instances when the employee faces an accident while working. The employers should be prepared by understanding the risk associated with the nature of the job and be proactive enough to prepare for the worst scenarios. However, employees must also be responsible for their own safety by wearing proper gears and clothing especially when they are facing hazardous materials. These two scenarios must be considered for compensation claims to be granted. However, though nobody wishes harm for someone, accidents are sometimes inevitable. This accident can cause physical, emotional and psychological trauma to the victim, depending on the fatality of the incident. For fatal cases such as the ones listed in this infographic, lifetime health benefits and other entitlements and privileges are given to the employee.

1. The spinal cord controls the major activities of the body. When it is injured, the body could get paralyzed especially the arms, legs or trunks. It is possible that the mental prowess of the person stays the same after the injury but when the body can no longer function the same way, future employment would be slim, if not, zero chance at all. Hence, when you are an employee and the workplace accident caused you to be paralyzed, get the help of the injury attorney as soon as possible so you can protect your rights for compensation or claims. Aside from paralysis, amputation is also considered for “catastrophic designation” that is qualified to receive health benefits for the rest of the employee’s life.

2. The accident that caused brain damage could affect the communication skills, cerebral functions and neurological disorder. A trauma caused by catastrophic incident can make an employee be paranoid, irrationally anxious and psychologically incapable of having the job. Because of this, rehabilitation and other medical related expenses should also be shouldered by the employer or insurer.

3. Another major tragedy an employee could face is fire accident in which they can get second or third degree burn. Burns will leave scar that could demotivate a person to apply for a job especially if it can’t be covered by any clothing. When the five percent of the face or hands got this burns, their case is considered as catastrophic, hence, allowing them to claim for the designation’s associated benefits.

4. There’s not much to say about total blindness because definitely a person suffering from this will have to spend the rest of his life in darkness which will affect not just their work but everything and everyone in their life. However, industrial blindness is a different case. This focuses more on the capability of the person to be efficient in future jobs. Nonetheless, blindness makes one’s life a little harder.

5. There could be other cases that are not listed in here but the law protects the right of the person. The compensation claims or the catastrophic designation can be decided upon depending on the severity or fatality of the injury, provided that it is proven by the employee. Human beings are unique and there are some who can’t tolerate the trauma caused by the accident. This must also be taken with great consideration.



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