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Have you ever felt embarrassed because the person you are talking to covers her mouth? That will make you feel uneasy, anxious, worried and bothered. Bad breath or halitosis will make you fear talking to people, start being aloof and avoid having a conversation with others. Understanding the cause of bad breath will give you idea on what to do so you can have a better breath. These causes are listed on this infographic.

1. Food intake. Some foods are simply not good for the oral health because it sends chemicals to the bloodstream and are manifested through bad breath. Food particles left on your mouth can increase bacteria growth. Onions, garlic and other spices are ingredients you must lessen your consumption with. Spicy foods even if the pre-packed ones or noodles are not also recommended if you already have a bad breath.

2. Are you smoking? If you do, there’s nothing to wonder about. Tobacco products contain chemicals that can cause gum disease which is also a source of bad breath. Don’t let this happen to you, quit smoking now. Nicotine and other toxic ingredients of any tobacco product make your breath smell bad. Actually, for those who smoke a lot, their mere presence will give a bad odor.

3. Having a poor dental hygiene is also affecting the health of your mouth. Brushing one’s teeth is not enough to get the fresh breath you want. Some food particles are not removed by a toothbrush. The build-up of bacteria called plaque can cause periodontitis, so you have to remove it by proper brushing or cleaning of teeth.

4. Have you experienced a dry mouth and then you’ll just notice that your breath seemed to change? This is because saliva also helps in cleaning your mouth or removing bacteria that cause bad breath. However, there is a condition called xerostomia in which saliva production is reduced. A dry mouth happens which is worst every morning. If you sleep with an open mouth, expect a worse breath when you wake up.

5. Have you been taking medications? If yes, some of your medicines may have such side effect. Medicines release chemicals in the bloodstream that often manifest in the form of bad breath. But, you can’t stop your medication, so consult with your dentist and physician.

6. Tooth removal and surgery, if left infected, can also cause bad breath. Surgical wounds associated with these dental processes can cause bacterial proliferation inside the mouth.

7. After knowing the causes of bad breath, you must have idea on how you could change your lifestyle so you can freshen up your breath. However, after a lifestyle change and you are still experiencing halitosis, it’s better if you go visit a dentist.

8. The dentist will check your oral condition and probably ask you about your oral hygiene. If he suspects that your condition is not something related to dental problems, you will be instructed to visit a physician.

9. Don’t fear the diagnosis. Sometimes, bad breath is caused by stomach ailments.



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