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Playing basketball is both a career and life for some people. They fell in love with the ring, the court, the ball, and the crowd. Because of this, the game basketball continues to be the number one sport of most people not just in the United States of America but also in many other places around the world. The game gives lots of emotions to fans who would shout for joy or cry for losses. Thumbs up for a three-point shot or boo the other team when they shoot. One of the new well-loved basketball players is rookie from Utah Jazz. He has the skills of a player and a charm of an idol. Others call him Spida because of his swiftness and very effective basketball skills. There are other players in the NBA but Donovan Mitchell is taking the spotlight for being one of the most preferred basketball players. This infographic will tell you why he got the record worthy of being called the golden rookie.

1. But first, start with knowing him better. Donovan Mitchell had celebrated his 22nd birthday last September 7, 1996. Very young indeed. At the age of 22, he has proven a lot. It was not just because of luck but because of his personality, skills, and attitude while playing. Standing at 6’10” and weighing 215 pounds, no other player would really try to hinder his way. Well, they might have tried but they were simply pushed around the corner. If you want t get Utah Jazz shirts as a remembrance for Mr. Mitchell, you need to look for number 45.

2. What do you think basketball fans are looking for a perfect player? Is it the looks, the appeal or intelligence when answering questions from the reporters? None of these. What matters are the players’ amazing records, isn’t it? Donovan Mitchell just got those records from the 2017-2018 season. He played only during one season. But, as they say, if you did it right, you only need one chance.

3. Do not think that recognition was never given to this rising star. In fact, his slum dunk gave him the championship for NBA Slam Dunk contest. For a 22-year-old, playing like a pro is outstanding. Aside from that, he was also given the recognition being the NBA All-Rookie First Team. If you start young and you start good, you have a long way ahead. Donovan is just starting his own way towards fame. Lastly, he was also given the title NBA Association’s Rookie of the Year.

4. It does not end on those awards. His performance led him to garner the most 3 points made by a rookie in NBA history. That is simply astonishing. He was also a Utah Jazz rookie regular season single-game scorer with 41 points. He was also able to get the most points by a guard in first two playoff games. Think about following and knowing more about Donovan Mitchell. Follow his FB or Twitter and get close to him.



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