Common-Struggles-of-a-Medical-Student Infographic

Medical Doctor! What a nice title, isn’t it? However, that’s still at the end of the path you are about to take. It will ask you to invest your time, money, effort, love, family and friends because you will need to learn new language, new jobs and new companions. Sometimes, you would feel worse and might even think of stopping when you are already in the middle. Hence, before finalizing your thoughts if you really want to take CME programs, prepare yourself with the following challenges listed in this infographic.

1. You will need to memorize lots of new words that are often spoken in different language. The etymology of medical terms often came from Greek or Latin language which is hard to recall and you don’t use it on a daily basis. So many new words that your brain can no longer take.

2. Seeing your friend, classmates and batch mates graduating, enjoying their lives and finding love with all the smiles on their faces. You will become envious and think of what you could have been if you chose a different path. You get stressed out because they are having children and all that you could do is watch them from afar. You can imagine how you would be as a wife or turn it into question of whether you will be wife. But, think about the better future that lies ahead of you. Focus on your goal and let all these sacrifices be your investment.

3. Prepare yourself for a never-ending nightshift wherein you take naps in between hours and wake up early in the morning for your morning class. You would even ask yourself, what keeps you going? But you do know what makes you keep going.

4. Your bills could pile up and you won’t have other financial resources to spare for it. You will take odd jobs to be able to pay but you will still have financial worries. Let it be known beforehand so you can prepare yourself for financial demands.

5. Your friends will tell you why they took their fields and be able to inspire others. You will think deeply within yourself. What do you really want to accomplish in life? Why do you want to become a doctor? And when you are able to answer from the deepest of your hearts, you are ready to move forward.

6. It becomes hard to socialize with people. Your studies will affect your socialization skills because you will be more inclined to talking about latest development in the field of medicine especially ways to avoid an illness. But, your friends might not be interested in this. You then start talking about the symptoms that they feel and you become an instant diagnostician. Therefore, it would be better if you attend to social circles that are related to your field.

7. As medical students, you develop, list and determine the different symptoms of the diseases. While others will need to go to medical related websites, you don’t need to. Your classes on pathology will be your partner forever.



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