Countries-and-Cities-that-Legalized-Marijuana Infographic

It is somehow unusual especially for those who believe that taking marijuana is against the norms of the society. But, yes, there are countries that legalized marijuana usage. The following are just some examples of the countries that allowed marijuana circulate in their place.

1. Alaska. Declared the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes and it is the third country that bravely announced it. At first, they take slow probably looking at the pros and cons of legalizing it, but later on, its government officially announced its confirmation.

2.Washington State. In this state, smoking at home is never an issue. In fact, if you bought a license application fee worth $250, you are permitted to sell or manufacture marijuana at home.

3. Uruguay. The president himself announced the legalization of marijuana in his country and you only need to be 18 years old and above to buy it. President Jose Mujica totally announced the legalization of pot, although, Mujica has not said any specific mandates or rules in selling or transporting marijuana, but you just need to be of legal age for you to have it.

4. Switzerland. The Swiss government is actually allowing their people to nurture up to four marijuana plant per individual. This is their way to limits those people who buy marijuana in a short border along the edge of the street.

5. Russia. Who would not know Putin? He is the guy who always wears a villainous smile while smoking pot. You can always smoke pot in this country.

6. Portugal. It is the first nation that legalized all kinds of drugs. It is the safest place for marijuana users. They are permitted to carry 25 grams of marijuana at all times.

7. Pakistan. Local police officers are tolerant enough to marijuana users. Running after them is not their type. Although they do not really announce formally its legalization, but the truth that law enforcers are unmindful of its citizen whether they use or not actually signals that it is fine to use marijuana in their country. In fact, cannabis grows freely in their country.

8. North Korea. It is a place known to be enclosed and conservative, but you will be surprised seeing marijuana which is literally available in the grocery store. You can enjoy strolling, playing games and other exciting activities in Korea without thinking of other consequences of using marijuana.

9. New Mexico. Shortage on piñata was experienced by New Mexico after weed was decriminalized in 2009 and when everyone stopped acting violently, they just ended up eating it instead.

10. Jamaica. Citizen of Jamaica is allowed to cultivate five plants of marijuana for religious purposes. On the other hand, the government will just consider it as a minor offense once you get caught with two ounces of marijuana.

11. Columbia. Twenty-two grams of marijuana under your possession is fine with them. But, once you get caught with more than 20 plants, that’s the time when you need to prepare yourself for something serious.



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