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For some countries, tight security for both manufacturer and user of cocaine is implemented. Imprisonment, fines and other punishments might be given as penalty for those rule-breakers. Thus, trading of cocaine is done privately and secretly. Police officers are actually making operation to get them caught in action. However, some countries see the benefits of cocaine as medicinal plants for specific purposes. For example, if you are a business person, you need to meet different individuals who can be a potential client. Although they are used to meeting with people, there comes a time when they feel unconfident about themselves.

On the other hand, if you love to travel, you need to acquire enough strength because going to different place requires you to be physically fit as well. Also, if you are a sports-enthusiast or gym-goer, you need to detoxify and remove bad radicals in your body. Because of the proven medical as well as recreational benefits of cocaine in the human body, several countries use wide hectares of their land to cultivate and yield coca plants. The following are the countries that are recorded to produce most cocaine.

1. Colombia. There was a great increase in cocaine production in Colombia from 2013-2014. Approximately 27,000 coca crops escalate in 2014 when compared to the previous year.

2. Antioquia. Based on the record, 95 percent of coca crops increased in 2014 aside from the 11,000 hectares of coca crops that are still under tilling.

3. Peru. It is the country that consistently produces around 50,000 coca crops for the past years. In year 2012, coca production converted into 290 ton of cocaine.

4. Bolivia. For several years just like Peru, Bolivia used around 25,000 hectares for coca production. It mechanically produced coca crops which are translated to 155 tons in 2012.
There are various reasons why there is a significant increase in coca crop production. First, it was associated with the price of gold. Some laborers who harvested cocaine moved into the mining industry when the price of gold is something appealing. However, there was a time when its price lowered which resulted for laborers to go back into yielding coca crops. Of course, it is only natural for people to engage themselves in certain endeavours that would provide their needs as well as the needs of their family.

Another reason for the escalation of cocaine production is it provides a large amount of cash. US market was once dominated by Colombians who are fond of playing swindle with the Mexican cartels. Colombian mafia tends to make easy money which is apparently illegal. This leads to Colombians to finding and discovering more profitable market. Also, the very tempting earnings from drug trade stimulate people’ interest to engage in cocaine production and trading. A Marxist rebel for example earned over $150 a year from selling cocaine. Apparently, engaging in cocaine production provides income for laborers and helps in the economic aspect of the country. The increase of coca crops in manufacturing countries is a result of positive impact for producers, the top countries that yield hectares of land for the growth of cocaine.



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