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Drinking beers often happen when someone is celebrating something. But, you also participate in this beer session if you have problems. Nevertheless, beer drinking has been part of a person’s ups and downs. You may be drinking once or twice a week but these countries are unbelievably consuming almost double the other countries’ beer consumption. Knowing these countries, you might probably have an impression why. Learn more from this infographic.

1. Number 1 in this list Czech Republic. They have been brewing beers since 993 A.D. and their consumption is not just on branded and international beers but also with their local ones. With a per capita consumption of 142.4 liters, it truly deserved to be on the number one spot.

2. Seychelles have 114.6 liters per capita making it second on the list. Just like the Czech Republic, their consumption is varied.

3. Austria is already known for beer drinkers. But what makes them different is the ingredients present in their beers due to fewer restrictions imposed on them.

4. Of course, who would forget Germany? The famous 16-18 days of a festival called Oktoberfest is associated with beers. But then, it is just fourth on the list.

5. Influenced by the Germans, Namibia is also part of this list. In 1516 their beers contain water, barley, and hops which were called the purity law. Fortunately, the law was changed but the Namibians still drink. With 102.7 liters per capita, it follows Germany in this list.

6. Poland is one of the largest producers of beers in Europe. However, in spite of over 100 brewers, the per capita beer consumption is only 99 which makes it fall below Namibia.

7. Started in the early 1800s, Ireland seemed to have much history when it comes to beer brewing. However, in 2007, only 12 brewers remain in the country that provides the 97.5 liters per capita beer consumption. The famous brand in Ireland is Guinness and it is based in Dublin.

8. As part of their culture, beer brewing has been common in Lithuania. Because of this, the Lithuanians often chose their beer from a variety of local brewers. They consume 97.1 liters per capita and considered to be home of best-tasting beers in the world.

9. With 94.7 liters per capita consumption, Belize ranks 9th on this list. It is a country that prohibits the sale of foreign beer brands because they rely on their locally brewed beers. Even so, the supply still is enough for the people’s demand.

10. Where can you find a country that considers beer a foodstuff? Romania. Because of that, there is no tariff and restrictions, unlike other alcoholic beverages. It is as if part of snacks during meetings or when partying in a pub. With 92.1 liters of consumption per capita, it is the tenth country with most drinkers.

There could be many reasons why you drink. But, while drinking you must make sure that you will not be hurting someone because of your negligence. Drink when you are happy, drink when you are sad but still always keep your mind in the right state.



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