Dental Advice for Parents and Children Infographic
Have you tried to lick your wrist and sniff it? What did you smell? Was there something wrong, bad breath maybe? It’s one way to smell your own breath. Do it every day so you can check whether you are ready to face and talk to people. Aside from having a nice smell and a great smile, the bigger picture of not taking care of your teeth is the risk of having diseases such as heart problems, gum infections, and even oral cancer. Before any of that happens, take your time to read the following advice from this infographic.

  1. Brush your teeth regularly and properly. Normally, you should wash it at least three times a day or even more when needed. But most importantly, clean it before you sleep at night because this is the time when the bacteria grow exponentially. Use toothpaste with fluoride to wash away the bacteria. If you are using mouthwash, don’t use it immediately after brushing because it might sweep off the fluoride.
  2. Use interdental floss so that food particles that are trapped in between your teeth can also be removed. These are areas that can’t be reached by toothbrush bristles. Doing it once a day can improve the cleanliness of your teeth.
  3. Do you smoke cigarette? Try to see your teeth in front of the mirror and surely, you can see that yellow thing that makes it look dirty. Smoking cigarette is not good for the body because it can cause several diseases and one of which is oral cancer. Aside from that, you’ll experience bad breath and body odor. So, stop smoking now.
  4. Even children would know that chocolates can destroy their teeth and sugary beverages such as coffee, soda and alcohol can have the same effect. These drinks contain a high level of phosphorus that causes the depletion of calcium. It would lead to tooth problems such as tooth decay. Instead of a soft drink, opt for milk. It is healthier for the body and it helps in strengthening your teeth’s enamel.
  5. Do you have crooked teeth? If yes, you need more effort in cleaning your teeth because it contributes to gum diseases. Oral health is crucial because neglecting it would worsen diabetes, heart diseases, and other infections in the mouth.
  6. Cleaning your tongue also helps in ensuring that bacteria that cause bad breath can be eliminated. The surface of the tongue also houses lots of bacteria that adversely affect your oral health. Use a professional tongue cleaner instead of resorting to the back of your toothbrush.
  7. Don’t fear a Layton dentist. Not because your smile looks great, it is already equivalent to a healthy dental condition. To be sure, it is always better to be checked than to just make assumptions. Get a support from your friend or relax with some music.
  8. Choose a healthier diet. There are some foods that contain vitamins and minerals that are helpful for your teeth. A sweet tooth is not an excuse to neglect your oral health.
  9. Most of all, watch over your child’s oral health to detect oral problems earlier.



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