You could be presenting your work at a conference, presenting a proposal to prospective clients or a group of potential investors, or presenting your products to customers. In all scenarios, you have a single goal – to inspire your audience. Selling doesn’t sell.  It’s that inspiration or ability to solve a problems that sells.


Designs for Dazzling Presentations

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Here are just a few tips for unforgettable presentations:

Keep it simple

The best designs are often the simplest. Using an understated and clean font selection and color scheme makes for a streamlined and appealing design. You can organize and place your most important ideas in focus, then minimize the background so it doesn’t interfere.

Bring information to life with icons

You can simplify a complex idea with graphics. Instead of a dry or boring list, use icons instead. Icons can transform large quantities of information into simple, easily digestible pictures that people will understand and remember.

Stick with Black and White

Many people worry that using only black and white will make a presentation dull. However, when you use the proper balance of the two colors, you can create a sleek and professional presentation.

Persuasion, not distraction

You make a presentation in order to convince your audience to take action. Adding embellishments to your design will detract from your real message. Keep your design as simple as possible so that the main idea stands out.

Be funny

Remember, design for story-telling and inject humor into your presentation. You may be proposing something serious, but it’s still important to keep your audience engaged. Try including some humorous illustrations to evoke an emotional response and connect with your audience.

Better designs lead to better outcomes.  Time and time again, research has shown that people are more apt to respond to visually appealing presentations.