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Restoring your granny’s old metal piece is a good move to make them happy as these items hold significant memories. If you are doubting whether you can return it to its original look, you can check on the methods that are featured in this infographic. However, before that, consider the following issues: production speed, cost-effectiveness, metal hardness and potential for vulcanization for you to choose which process will suit you best: Most of them, always consider the cost because some of the methods here can be very expensive yet worth it.

1. The first on your list could be the process called metal plating. This uses another metal such as nickel in altering the surface of a metal piece. The method is easy and the results are good. If your primary consideration is cost, this has proven value for money.

2. If you simply want to remove the problems in the surface of the item, you can just opt for brushed metal. It uses machines that will make a uniform surface, flattened and smoothened. Another major advantage of this method is its ability to create edges that are well fitted to the grain.

3. Another machine that is used as a gold plating solution is buff polishing. However, this can’t be used for metal pieces that have detailed, fragile and intricate designs. Still, you can use it for decorative products that need to be smoothened. No size fits all and each machine has their own usage and can provide different results.

4. A machine consisting of a substrate within a rotating drum is an example of metal grinding machines. These machines use the physics of friction and attrition that can smoothen the surface of any metal. However, there are different types of metal grinding machines and each of these has its own purpose.

5. Sharp edges would just hurt a child that’s why metal vibratory finishing has been available. The main function of this machine is to remove the sharp edges that are present in your metal pieces. It can accommodate different types of customers whose metal pieces can be small, medium or large in size.

6. If you are still looking for something better, sand blasting is another option that you can take. This is most fitted if you are aiming for a unified matte texture. It will revert your metal pieces into shiny, glossy, smooth and clean souvenirs from the old people in your house.

7. Have you heard about powder coating? If not, it is simply like paint. The process is simple yet effective. The machine is efficient and can deliver customer requirements. It also makes the coating of your metal piece more durable than paint.

8. The last but not the least, hot blackening is also another method for metal finishing that ensures a cleaner and smoother metal surface. Hot blackening has been tested and proven. The process provides matte black finish and at the same time, it adds resistance to abrasions or scratches to the metal pieces.

source: https://www.goldplating.com/blogs/news/options-for-metal-finishing


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