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What else could be more than an organized kitchen, de-cluttered cabinet and clean and tidy atmosphere in the area where you spend the most of your time? Cooking is a hobby for many, a passion for many mommies but not a place for little children. Have you decided to remodel your kitchen because you think that it has very small space for your cooking activities? Try to look from the bottom going to the ceiling; can you see a space in there? If yes, then remodeling your kitchen using that small space can be done by yourself. If you don’t understand what it means, care to read through this infographic which presents effective and helpful tips for a do it your own kitchen remodeling.

1. If you got many cabinets and it crowds your kitchen space, then opt to hang it. Hanging cabinets has been a trend because it allows homeowners to maximize the space. Also, if hanging it is done effectively, it could serve as an interior design to your house. However, it requires careful processes to avoid the cabinet from falling.

2. How do you start it? First, remove the doors and drawers of the cabinet because it might get damaged during the installation process. Aside from that, the work will be much easier if there are no things that could fall during the process.

3. Then, prepare all the necessary materials. The basic materials that you need are tape measure and pencil. You don’t need to get the industrial pen, just the simple pen that you have at home. It will be used to ensure that the cabinet will have stable level and all angles are even. The exact position matters a lot because the cabinet can be fixed there if it is in the right position.

4. If you have decided to finally hang your cabinets, you need to start from the corner. If you start from the either left or right, it is possible that the centerpiece of the cabinets will not be in the center, then you will do it again. So, you must mark the center and then start from there.

5. When you install the upper cabinets, you need to consider your other appliances and kitchen wares especially the base cabinet. A too high cabinet could be hard to reach and may not be proportion to your other kitchen materials. When installing, you need to check the thickness of the countertop. Just make sure that there is a space of about 54 inches between the top of your base cabinet and the bottom of the hanging cabinet. There are floors that are not levelled, if yours is, choose the highest portion of the floor where the cabinet will be installed and base it from there.

6. Before leaving the installation process, check on the bolts and make sure that it is safely fasten. Even one bolt is missing, it will cause damages to your cabinet and when the time comes, it will fall from where it was installed.



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