Donovan Mitchell NBA and College Career Stats infographic

Can you name all of the basketball players in NBA? Then, you can definitely say who owns the number 45 in Utah Jazz. A 22- year old basketball player trying to leave his mark in this game, Donovan Mitchell proves to be an asset for Utah Jazz. His scores helped the team to get into the semifinals. What a great contribution from a rookie. Usually, basketball fans are looking for fresh faces that are considered at par with seasoned basketball players. Donovan Mitchell is someone you should watch out for. But, before that, you can look through his stats in NBA and during his college years in Louisville and you can say that he has indeed a bright future in basketball.

1. Who provides the most contribution? Though basketball is a team effort, there will be instances when a basketball player really shines more than other players. What makes him more appealing are his stats. During the regular season this 2017-18, Mitchell’s 20.5 points per game contributed a lot to Utah Jazz. He does not stop there because, during the playoffs, he hit 24.4 points per game. Sound consistent, right? If the offense is on his back, he can also steal from the opponent. His steals are 1.5 per game.

2. His NBA career opened more opportunities for Donovan Mitchell especially when he was named NBA Players Association Rookie of the Year. Such title was evidential with his records in NBA. He was able to play 79 games with average points of 20.5. He stays long in the court because his average playing time is 33.4. As a persistent player, he always attempts to go for the three-point shot, a dunk or a layup and his attempts have an average of 7.5-17.2 per game. His 3-points are reliable because he 0.340 three-point percentage which could come from 2.4-7.0 attempts to get the three points.

3. In addition, he does some offensive and defensive rebounds with scores 0.7 and 3.1 respectively. His NBA stats showed that he also committed personal fouls at a tolerable level which is 2.7 per game. With his NBA rating of 30.54, Jazz should find a way to encourage him to sign a new contract after three more years.

4. While he was a college student in Louisville, Mitchell played well. His records showed that he played 65 games and was able to have an average score of 11.7 points per game. He played for about 26 minutes. During his stay in the college, his attempt for free throws was 2.0-2.5 per game and it is equivalent to an average of .788 free throw percentage. He did try to make three points because he attempted 1.5-4.6 times per game but his average score for three-point shots is 0.329.

5. Furthermore, he scored 1.1 per game on offensive rebounds while defensive rebounds are 3.0 and that’s for a total of 4.1 rebounds per game. Just like in NBA personal fouls can’t be avoided. Mitchell’s personal foul was 2.6 per game but his assists were 2.2 per game and steals of 1.5 per game.



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