Dos-and-Don'ts-of-Bathroom-Remodel Infographic

Before and after you sleep, you got to the bathroom. Sometimes, even in between your sleep, the nature will call you to the bathroom. If the place doesn’t give the comfort that you need, you’d rather sleep and hold your urine. That could cause kidney problems on your part. That’s why home builders and homeowners put much emphasis on creating an effective and efficient bathroom. However, some families would like to do bathroom remodelling. This infographic will tell you the basic premises, dos and don’ts in a remodelling project.

1. Design it well according to how you use the bathroom. A lot of people find the bathroom just a place where you urinate and do other things. For some, this is where they can think deeper and more peaceful. Handles and railings when placed in a wrong location can affect the overall performance of the user of the bathroom. So, be part of the design team. Describe what you really want it to be.

2. Does your design an automatic flush or a sensor? Before making any decision, consider the cost of the remodelling: materials to be used, labor and other overhead costs. Hence, don’t sign a contract for bathroom remodelling without looking at all considerations. You might end up starting the project but unable to finish it because of financial problems.

3. When you are in the bathroom, where do you often look at? Probably, in the mirror or walls. These elements of the bathroom create the overall atmosphere inside. A dark bathroom could trigger negative memories while white paint with art can trigger your positive memories of your stay in this area. Selecting appropriate finishes could also depend on the room it is located.

4. Don’t move the plumbing and ventilation. Moving these two could mean like moving the entire bathroom at someplace else. Just disregard this part and follow the next step.

5. Where do you put your shampoo, conditioner, soap and other toiletries? Bathrooms have storage cabinets where you can put all of these. For a remodelling project, you must be able to maximize the storage capabilities. You can classify bathroom items and place them all inside one storage cabinet so that retrieving it would be easy for any household members.

6. Bathroom remodelling can be done by contractors. You will tell them the design that you want and they will tell you some of the obstacles that may hinder its full completion. Also, the contractor will definitely ask for the price. As a wise homeowner, you should not sign the contract without properly understanding the cost structure for this project. Avoid hidden charges all the time. This is important so that you can allocate costs more efficiently. Also, you need to think about contingency plans so that when things go out of expectations, you have the budget for it.

7. The most important part of this paper is simply the water efficiency. You may not forget about those shampoo and conditioner. But, the most important part is water efficiency. Choose water saving options so that your remodelling is sustainable.



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