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In business, nothing is too sure. Sometimes you get the trust of the customers and be able to convert it to sales and profit. However, there are also cases when the business is on the rocks because of changes in the attitude and behavior of the customers. This often happens when the business has not prepared for lean seasons because they were not able to see through the possible courses of events through the year. The region could have four seasons and each season should have a different approach. Summer seasons could be easy to deal with but winter and fall seasons require more effort from the company’s marketing team. To cope with the challenges brought by season change, here are some tips that could help you.

1. Have a sustainable and sufficient marketing plan. You have to think beyond the box and ensure that even lean months the business will still perform well. A marketing plan consists of a communications strategy that will allow you to communicate future events to be spearheaded by the company. It must clearly include your marketing mix and promotional campaigns to cater actual and potential demand from the customers.

2. Make modifications on your website. It could take a little extra effort to change the templates, color palettes, contents, images or even videos posted on your website. But this has a very important purpose. As you all know, the mood of the person is affected by his or her environment. Matching with this mood can make the customer feel that they are relevant to the company. It does not need to be temporary. Widgets or add-ons like countdown meters, catchy slogans, and taglines or simply encouraging texts that will inform them about the next holiday’s offering. This could be enough to trigger or stimulate a desire to buy next season. You have to prepare for it.

3. Emails can be an effective medium to communicate with your customers. As everybody turns to their email as their primary means of communicating, getting through their inboxes could leverage the company’s strategy and increase the sales. However, you need to be very careful because your emails could go their spam folders and get rejected. Or worse, they will just disregard your emails all the time and develop a distaste for the company.

4. Nowadays, social media become an effective medium to communicate with the customers. Having many likes and many followers tend to be the new measure of popularity. If the business cannot take advantage of this opportunity, they would be left behind in the competition. Your goal must have a post that will go viral and will be shared by many social media users. If this happens, you can definitely recover from the lean months.

5. Promote your products with seasonal appeal. You don’t have to be very stiff in providing basic information about the season. Instead, you must be creative and innovative.

6. There are many other strategies that you can think of but these ones are proven to be effective.


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