Finding the best divorce attorney InfographicDivorces are complicated. There are many decisions to tackle and make, from alimony to property division. All of these involve tons of paperwork to fill out. To help you and your spouse with divorce, you will need a lawyer for a smooth legal process. They can help you navigate mountains of paperwork and offer informed advice and bargaining power during negotiations. Finding the right attorney for you can be tricky but not when you know about the following.

Specialty is Crucial

Not all lawyers are similar; they have specializations in different fields. When looking for a divorce lawyer, opt for one with experience in practicing family law. They will be the ones who will navigate the complexities of divorce, such as child support, custody, alimony, and property distribution. Choose a professional lawyer that has your best interest at heart. Otherwise, it can lead to time-consuming and costly mistakes.


There is no rule to hiring the first attorney you consult for your divorce, and it would be best and is advised to interview at least three before you settle on one. The initial consultation is often free, and you can learn about your attorney candidates during this time.

• Communication Style
Learn about how attentive they are and their communication style. You will want responsive communication and prompt response to questions, and this signifies that they will return your emails and calls within a reasonable time.

• Personality
Pick a divorce attorney that can instill confidence and collaborate with you. Also, consider you and your spouse’s personality before choosing a lawyer. Depending on your situation, an experienced divorce mediation lawyer is a must.

• Strategy
During the interviews, your prospective attorney can provide a rough idea of what course of action they are going for. It is also a plus if they can set an estimated time frame on how long the divorce is expected to take. These are just estimates and can change based on several factors and on experiences.

• Costs
How much will they charge, and how do they bill? Is it an hourly rate or a flat fee? Ask a lot of questions about the cost because divorces are not cheap. However, a good and experienced lawyer is always worth their prices.


The divorce proceedings could vary depending on where you first filed the divorce and the family laws in that state. When choosing an attorney, pick one whose location is convenient for you. Driving long distances can be demanding, plus it is advantageous if they are familiar with the local courts and judges where the divorce was filed. That way, they can strategize more effectively.

A lawyer can only represent one party in a divorce, so you cannot use your spouse’s attorney. Besides, it is impossible to represent two parties with conflicting interests fairly. Always remember never to sign drafted paperwork by your spouse’s attorney until your own lawyer can look through it and advise you.

Manage Expectations

Don’t forget about trade-offs after choosing a lawyer for your divorce requirements and needs. There is a chance that you will not get everything you want in the divorce settlement. Keep your expectations rational. The divorce proceeding can be lengthy and pricey, but when you have the right lawyer by your side, it is easier to achieve your goals.



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