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You work hard to earn a living, buy your favorite clothes, go to places you dream before and invest in something which could be a living proof of your hard work and perseverance. Nothing could compare to a home which is a product of consistently earning from your job. Perhaps, most people dreamed to build a decent home. Imagine when the product of your hardship burnt with fire. Probably, it is the most dreadful event in your life. In fact, being robbed is better than it. To help you avoid it, here are the following tips you need to bear in mind.

1. Focus to what you are cooking. Do not leave whatever you are cooking in the kitchen just to answer a phone call or watch television because you might forget that you are doing something in the kitchen if you are already occupied with what you are doing somewhere.

2. Be attentive when you are cooking with oil. You need to lower the temperature of the gas stove or oven if you smell a smoke or if you see a fire that started to grow. You need to be aware that oil has certain substance that easily ignites the fire.

3. Keep your towels and other fabrics in the cabinets or drawers. You need to free your cooking area from anything flammable near your oven or stove. This would prevent fire explosion and home burning that you surely do not want to happen.

4. Cover the small grease fire before reaching the canister. When there is a smoke or fire that started to grow, cover the grease fire with a cookie sheet and turn off the heat source. Remember to let the pot or pan cool off before handling it again because the fire could restart again or the handler could get serious burn or pain.

5. Consider the fire extinguisher as the last option you can take. Fire extinguisher is the basic tool you can use to stop the fire that started in your kitchen. However, it could make your kitchen messy and contaminated because of the substance that comes out from it. Thus, if there are other options, use or apply them first.

6. Do not use water to smother the fire. At impulse, when there is fire, you immediately get water to stop it. But, water could actually spread the grease all over your kitchen which could lead to a more serious situation.

7. Call the Fire Department. In the event that you can no longer manage to control the fire after executing fundamental things on how to stop it, you need to ask for the help of the Fire Department. Go out from your home because your lives as well as the life of all your family members are more important than the house you have loved. Thus, secure yourself and your family’s safety first. After all, you can always build your home once more if you have the life and the capability to work again. There is always hope as long as you are alive anyway. After the fire, you can always ask the help of a restoration company to clean up and restore your home. Just be positive that everything will be back to the way how it is before.



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