Five Tips to Secure Public Buildings Infographic

Public safety and building security are the two top concerns of most Facility Managers. When the public building is endangered, the stakes are high and the security is necessary in order to keep the place guarded and safe.

However, the question is how can do they safeguard the building from attacks or threats?

To answer the above question, we provide you with simple tips on how to keep the building safe. The tips below are based on the experiences of property and facility managers across industries.

What are these 5 Tips to Secure Public Buildings?

1. Using the round-the-clock surveillance

The video surveillance is critical in every public building. This system employs motion detectors, options for video analytics and methods for archiving video clips.

Some people say that it is effective in preventing crime. Some other people say that it can’t eradicate crime; however, the percentage rate of crime is simply reduced. The objective of installing security cameras in public places is to monitor the whole area as well as a reminder to potential criminals that they are being watched. And once they break the law, the video that captures their wrongdoings can be used against them to prosecute them. That’s the reason why many public buildings and offices preferred to install surveillance security to deter crimes in public places. The system is not only popular ways to lessen crime but also provide peace of mind to law abiding citizens. The Citizens may feel safe also because CCTV system keeps an eye out for them.

2. Installing advanced technologies to protect the building itself

The people cannot easily get into access to assets if they cannot break the barrier of the establishment or the building itself. As Facility Manager, they have to make sure the building’s features such as doors, windows, roofs, and walls are made of high-quality materials. In this case, it cannot be easily passed into by a force or blast.

Install a system not only in the buildings but also in the gates, fencing or barriers of the building may help the authorities alerted if someone breaks in.

3. They ensure to execute a security check system

By executing an accurate background check systems are necessary for keeping the bad guys out. Using the cutting edge visitor screening software, allow the facility staff to obtain accurate information of contractors, vendors, and individuals who come and go inside the building. Also, if in case you have to provide a report you have something to show.

In addition, the public entities which relied on the background screening program can lessen the risk of being attacked.

4. Ensure fire safety in the building

The people may jeopardize public building so is the fire and the carbon monoxide that threatens humans, public records and equipment. Thus, facility staff ensures the building is equipped with carbon monoxide detectors and photoelectric smoke alarms. The additional precautions including duct smoke detectors and heat activated ceiling sprinklers are installed.

Also, make sure that the fire and carbon monoxide detection system are invested to alert emergency responders when problems arise.

5. Plan and prepare for emergency evacuation

Emergency planning is formed to success the overall safety of a public place in case of a disaster. At the same time as the building if being taken down or threatened. Usually, some people may panic and lose the presence of mind when exiting the building quickly so and emergency evacuation planning is essential.

Therefore, facility managers have to ensure evacuation drills and exiting plan that are clear. Also, they should establish visual lighting and alarms in order to navigate easily by those who may get confused and those that have a panic attack.

Remember public buildings are worthy of the highest degree of protection and security. By neglecting of protecting and keeping it safe may lead to problems for the entire community.



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