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Employees getting hurt on the job may fail to claim their compensation because they simply don’t know what to do after getting into an accident. It is acknowledged that accidents do happen in workplaces even in an office set up. However, to avoid abusing this rights and privileges, there are stipulations that must comply because this is necessary to also protect the right of an employer. To ensure that, you get the right amount of compensation, this infographic will help you, step by step. Do this right after you feel ill because of the accident.

1. Seek medical attention form list of doctors approved by the company you are working for. This is the common problem of employees. They don’t go to a physician because they don’t want to incur extra expenses. However, this is free of charge. The settlement is being done between the physician and your employer. Just make sure that what you consult is related to the work accident.

2. Report the accident to the supervisor immediately. If you don’t, the danger is, you won’t be believed by the court and that you will be barred from taking the compensation.

3. Make an accident report. It will contain the details of the accident. Hence, you need to write as accurate as possible because this will be the basis for your compensation. Too sensationalize report may not be as appealing as you think. Also, get some witnesses. Check their information such as address and contact details to make them reachable whenever their testimony is needed. Also, take some photos and other evidence that can prove your claim.

4. Aside from going to the physician after the accident, you might be required to visit them to check on the progress of your health. Don’t be timid to tell how you really feel, but don’t exaggerate the symptoms because it won’t be helpful. Be truthful in your health conditions so that the physician can also give you the appropriate medications. If you don’t attend this appointment and your illness worsen, this won’t add to your compensation because it’s no longer due to workplace accident but because of your own negligence.

5. There are instances when the medicine is not available in the pharmacy outside the hospital. There will also be times when you need to go out and buy something for the patient. These out of pocket expenses can be reimbursed if proven by evidence showing that it was due to the accident. So, always keep your receipts intact.

6. Workplace injuries can cause partial or permanent damages such as physical disabilities, and psychological traumas. At this rate, the victim won’t be able to earn income the way he or she used to. If he or she is the breadwinner in the family, the impact of the injury gives a multiplier effect. That’s why the law also allows a request for loss of income. However, proving future income is hard to do. You need to seek the help of an injury attorney so that they can advise you whether you should file a claim for this given your current health condition.

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