We encounter infographics everywhere — on websites, smartphone apps, online news sites, and more. Marketers widely use infographics for their campaigns, and bloggers embellish their posts with infographics.

More Visibility for Infographics

(Pixabay / StockSnap)

Once you’ve created a winning infographic, the trick is to get it out there where it can be seen and shared. Here are a few tips for circulating your infographic:

  • Explore SlideShare — The goal of SlideShare is to make knowledge sharing easy. You can repurpose your infographic to fit SlideShare’s parameters. Since your infographic needs to fit into the slides, you may need to do a little trimming. Once you’ve exported your infographic as a PDF, tweaked it a bit, and uploaded it onto SlideShare, your infographic will go before a broad audience.
  • Give a sneak peek — “Snackable” content is intended for people who may be too busy for anything but a quick glimpse of your infographic. Using these types of infographics on social media can whet people’s appetites and get them to come back for more later.
  • Optimize — Choosing a keyword or keyword phrase for your infographics will help you in sharing them with a wider audience. Searchers who enter your “keywords + infographic” may find your site in the search results, facilitating access to the infographic content of your site.
  • Try a foreign language — Don’t limit yourself to English speakers alone. Find a qualified professional who will translate your original infographics into the languages of the countries you want to share them with.
  • Convert it to video — Sharing your infographics using different social media platforms may be problematic because the size of a typical infographic won’t work in most social networks. One solution is to repurpose the infographic into a video. You can break your infographic down into small visuals and create a slide deck for posting later to different social media platforms.

You could have the best infographic in the world, but if it doesn’t get discovered, it won’t do anything for your bottom line. With a little effort and creativity, you can get your infographics the attention that they deserve.