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Don’t know how to start your own business but really wanted to? You can start it by selling your business online through ecommerce sites. One of the known sites and with much traffic is Amazon. You can always try your chance their but don’t be too aggressive because it might just go to waste. Before you post the product that you want to sell, check some helpful tips in this infographic.

1. Your first action is to get an account on Amazon. Go to the website, find the option Make Money with Us and then get to the link that says Sell on Amazon. Before you post anything, try to explore the website first. Check on the different existing sellers and their products and the strategies that they are using. You need to have a benchmark.

2. The actual business starts with picking your first product. Remember that Amazon sellers have been there for a long time and they might have sold different items. Competing with the same product will make you disadvantageous because you are a newbie on the site. If you just offer the same product, why would the customer opt for your product?

3. Brainstorm and reflect on what do you really like to pursue a business. Find a specific market you wish to serve. Hence, you must narrow down the category of your choice. Start with your own passion and match it with the trend in the external environment. Will you be into fashion for men or for women? Choosing the best niche possible can make your business to succeed.

4. After choosing the niche market you want to serve, do a market research about them. Include the specific areas they would be interested and the need you want to fulfill. Understanding your chosen market is the key to getting a good spot on any business platform. In this market, you don’t need to compete with big brands. Do some private labelling. Be unique, creative and innovative by being different yet functional.

5. Your next step is to source the product. You don’t need to manufacture your own product. You can get a supplier such as Alibaba to just send you the product where you can put your own label. Getting a product out of US is recommended because customers won’t be able to compare prices. However, the major consideration in this step is your capacity to pay for the shipment.

6. Now, you have a product and you know who your market is, the next step is to promote the product on Amazon. Optimize your product description by using the right keywords. Do some pay per click advertising and use social media accounts to share content that will boost the image of your product and brand. You can also build your own website so that customers know where to go to if they have more inquiries about your product.

7. If the business is going well on Amazon, find your own virtual assistant who can help you manage the business especially answering calls and queries from the customers.



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