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When you meet an accident and you suffer bruises, injuries, trauma or any physical disability, the government allows you to claim compensation for loss of income and other damages that will affect your life in many ways. However, not all plaintiffs succeeded in this goal because they were not able to prove that they did not participate in the occurrence of the accident. For your information, your claim will significantly be reduced if you can’t prove that you were not negligent and you did not contribute in your own demise. Hence, to give a hand to your injury attorney, you must do the suggestions in this infographic.

1. Ensure that you get all the details accurately. Personal injury lawyers present to the court why you deserve the compensation. For one, you were the victim of this incident. Second, you did not instigate the occurrence of the accident. Third, you tried to mitigate the impact of the accident. For them to create these facts, you must have documented all the things that happened. So, recall every detail of the accident and do not lie to your lawyer. Tell your story chronologically to ensure that you did not forget to mention important details.

2. Lawyers craft their arguments based on your claims. Hence, you must be as thorough as possible. Even if the information would create a significant impact that may not be favorable on your part, you still need to tell your lawyer because they will strategize to avoid such loopholes. If you try to keep an information from your lawyer and the defendant’s lawyer will attack such detail, you might end up losing the case. Hence, trust is important between you and the injury attorney.

3. Consistency is the key. If you are telling the truth from the beginning until the end, consistency is not a problem. However, if you are simply crafting the story of the accident to make yourself appeal good, you might face problems during the interrogation or during the trial. Stick with the truth and no question can trick you to counter what really happened during the accident.

4. One of the common problems with plaintiffs is the fact that they do not participate a lot in the investigation done by the lawyer. They just let them do it because of the rationale that it is what they are paid for. However, you must not be in the dark when it comes to the status of your case. You need to know the real score so that you can also its direction. If the lawyer forgot something, you are at least there to remind him or her.

5. The lawyer often prepares the client for the trial ensuring that his physical, mental and emotional aspects are in best condition to face the prosecutors, judges or jury. However, you also need to prep up yourself and that includes reading some etiquette in trials, sequences, and the possible scenarios. You can also practice with possible questions that will be thrown at you.



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