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The use of drugs has always been prohibited because of the many side effects it gives to the body. Though, some groups emphasizes the benefits of it, still, studies show otherwise. On the other hand, this infographic reveals that several famous people were into drugs and they were able to use it at their advantage. Since, it can make you awake for longer hours, they were able to maximize it. As a result, they discovered, invented and ultimately became famous in their field of specialization. Some of these people are as follows:

1. The psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud was a result of years of studies. Where did he get the energy for his work? His letter to his fiancée showed that he used a certain level of cocaine. More than that, he wanted to create an essay on how the very small dosage made him avoid depression and indigestion.

2. Who would have thought Thomas Edison was able to generate the brightest ideas and inventions because of his regular cocaine consumption. His insomnia was associated to the wine called Vin Mariani which was treated with coca leaves- the active ingredient was cocaine.

3. He was famous for working 19 hours a day. Without enough sleep how was he able to make the most of peer-reviewed papers in the field of Mathematics? Amphetamine made his mind awake even his body is in deep stress.

4. Considered as the breakthrough inventor, Steve Jobs had not escaped the call for LSD usage. As they said good ideas come out when your mind is very active. This drugs keep his nights busy thinking about the next model of Apple iPhone.

5. One of the richest men on Earth, Bill Gates admitted that his body is weak even if he still wants to work. To be able to continue with his daily work habits, he got a help from LSD and he was a little open about it with his interview in a Playboy magazine.

6. The drugs affect the brain! That could have been proven by a neuroscientist who studied electronic brain stimulation, mapping out the pain and pleasure pathways, and exploring the differences and similarities among other mammals. He was John C. Lilly and his personal experimentation with LSD and ketamine gave him the energy to fathom how the brain works.

7. It opened her mind in the 1960s and 1970s which lead her to discovering a PCR- a technique to create multiple copies of a DNA segment. She was Karry Mullis and her mind opener, literally, was LSD.

8. Carl Sagan, an astrophysicist and cosmologist advocated the use of marijuana due to its medical benefits. In his essay in 1971, he strongly supported that Marijuana should be reconsidered for public use. But, then again, no too much of a thing is good for the body.

9. Richard Feynamn who gave alcohol because of its effects to the brain impliedly told the world that he shifted to drug consumption which were LSD, Marijuana and Ketamine. It gave him a fun that he wouldn’t want to destroy it.

source: https://www.puredtx.com/famous-figures-with-a-weakness-for-drugs/


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