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There have been studies proving and disproving the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Some researches show how it became useful for many people for many years of using it as a therapeutic agent and a relaxant. Accumulating all of the studies that are in favour with marijuana, you can conclude that it could be better than alcohol and cigarettes but why is it that the government imposed rigid rules preventing the use of this plant. What were parts of marijuana’s history that make it hard to accept by medical practitioners? This history is provided in this infographic by Pure Detox.

1. Five thousand years ago, marijuana also known as cannabis to the Americans has been an ingredient for many medicines, therapies, and relaxants. However, in the 1900s when the Mexican Revolution happened, a lot of Mexican immigrants went to the United States of America. With them is their culture and tradition which included the use of marijuana. Unfortunately, some of these Mexicans had shown disruptive behaviour and the authorities have associated it with their marijuana consumption.

2. Not yet known to them, marijuana is the same cannabis that is an ingredient in their medicines. This made marijuana an excuse to deport the Mexicans. In El Paso, Texas, the effort to control and regulate Mexican influx was due to the idea was given by a playbook that has outlawed opium. From then on, marijuana is bad for the people and so are the Mexicans. In short, the demonization of marijuana was used to make an excuse to search, detain and deport Mexican immigrants.

3. The state of California was the first to see the medicinal benefits of marijuana through its usage can be traced back to around 5000 years ago. 59 years before 1996, the state also believed that the plant has no medicinal value. But, the longtime use of the plant as a relaxant proved its credits and used as evidence for its medical efficacy.

4. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was made because there was a success in controlling people. The hearings showed how colored men became violent and their tendency to solicit sex from white women. The Act was made into law which banned the use and sale of marijuana.

5. In the 1970’s the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was ruled unconstitutional and it was replaced by Controlled Substances Act which provided schedules of substances depending on their level of dangerousness. Marijuana was tagged with highest restrictions. President Nixon had the final recommendation about the Act and it was known as Schaefer Commission. The commission believed that marijuana should not be tagged in the highest restriction category but President Nixon decided otherwise.

6. In the year 2010’s, several studies have showed how marijuana can help in treating patients with terminal illnesses, lessening the pain and giving them a bit of relaxation. In this year, 24 states have passed medical marijuana laws. This stirred the public and they are concerned with why such helpful plant is banned when it can be turned for the benefit of the people.



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