How-Parents-Can-Safeguard-Their-Phones-from-Bruises-and-Scratches Infographic

How much does an iPhone, iPad, tablet or smartphone cost nowadays? What can you feel about a thousand-dollar phone but full of scratches and bruises? The worst thing is it cannot be replaced immediately and if you do, the cost will be almost the same as a new one. Such has been the problems of many parents especially mothers who have children playing their phones when their moms forgot to put it on something out of their reach. When cooking, mothers tend to do open their Facebook, when they leave it unattended on the table, the little kid crawls over and play it as if it is their brand new toy. With this infographic, you will read a few insights on how you can handle your kid and avoid your phones from getting played on and avoid it from having scratches or bruises.

1.Children cannot fully comprehend if you give them instructions not to play on your phone. Hence, it is your responsibility to protect and safeguard your phone by putting it away of their reach especially in the areas where they play a lot. Do not reprimand a child for playing it because they will not also understand what you are talking about. In this case, prevention is truly better than cure.

2. Protect your devices in two ways: use a screen protector and a casing. The touchscreen of the phone is the most fragile part of the phone but it is also the one that gives beauty in it. The screen that is full of scratches and bruises will not be appreciated by its owner no matter how expensive it when he or she bought it. However, scratches and bruises may not be avoided unless you become extra cautious with your phone. Protect it with a tempered glass screen protector. Why? Because the screen will feel the same as the glass was not there. But, when the phone falls and scratches start to be visible, you can easily replace the screen protector.

3. A casing can also be used, though the protection it gives does not guarantee the safety of your screen. When the phone fell in a straight manner, facing the screen itself, regardless of how thick and shockproof the casing is, you can still expect scratches and worst if there is any breakage. Hence, prefer a tempered glass screen protector first and then use casing as well. You can choose from a variety of colors and design.

4. Buying an expensive phone will require more efforts of protection because using it for a few months will not be satisfactory for the user. Most of all, if the cause of the scratches is little kids, you cannot blame anyone else except yourself. So, right after you get your new phone, go to phone accessories and shop for your tempered glass screen protector. Don’t worry, the sales representative will put on your phone. What you need to do is simply clean it from time to time. You can also replace your tempered glass anytime you want.



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