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Do you focus your search engine optimization in creating contents? Does that mean you make millions of content for the sake of having large quantity of it? The truth is, it’s not the quantity that matters but the quality of the content posted online. Why is this important? This is because an audience can be converted into sales if your content is compelling enough. How is this possible? Here are some steps that will make your content strategy works.

1. You don’t create and publish content as many as possible. You should be able to turn every piece of content into sales. This can only be possible with nine steps from this infographic. The first thing that you must make is creating website that provides best but truthful description of your product. Do not exaggerate because it might create over expectations from the customers.

2. Creating a blog that features experiences of the users or simply updates about the company can be beneficial for the users. If possible, allow them to leave some comments. Just make sure, you can moderate the blog commenting features.

3. The content or blogs can now be promoted through emails and newsletters. Today, one of the major drivers for effective distribution of content is through social media. Through Facebook or Twitter, you can attract users and allow them to read the content. If your content is appealing to the customers, they will share it organically. Content posted through blogs and distributed online can leverage your position and convince users that your products or services are worth the price.

4. Whether online or offline, knowing and understanding customer requirements is a necessity. Remember that value is taken from the perspective of the customers. The type of customers varies in terms of their demographic characteristics, behavioural and psychographics aspect. You need to know which topics your users are interested with. If you know your target market, you have to be consistent in the contents that you are publishing. As such, you will maintain stable numbers of viewers.

5. Topics of the content and the time it is posted could be a great factor to reach your target users. However, a valuable content often stays longer than non-valuable fresh content. This is because when content contains valuable and significant information from which the customers believed upon, they will share your content through their social media accounts. A credible content will also serve as reference for other blogs which creates organic links. This is a good sign for the algorithm of Google.

6. Most of all, Google is the most used search engine in the world. You need to appear in the first page of search engine page, if not, the chance for it to be read will be less. Hence, you need to understand how Google makes rankings of the content. By using website analysis and checking if you are following the rules and webmaster guidelines set by Google. Regardless of how effective the content is when not found in Google, it could be detrimental to your content marketing strategy.



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