How-to-Change-Tires-Alone Infographic

Changing tires is no joke especially if you are in a hurry catching up a very important business meeting, agenda or other events. Surely, you would like to attend to it by all means and sometimes you lose your grip because you are getting impatient and what you only wish is for you to be there in your meeting place.

However, don’t feel annoyed at times like this because your trouble will just lift up. You just need to be calm and put in mind that this situation is bound to happen to anyone. With enough information about a situation like this, surely, you can arrive safely at your destination. Just take a deep breath and have a positive state of mind. Always remember that positivism will always make and turn everything right.

Thus, to be prepared, before you go and drive, you might need to have a list of the things that you need to bring, so that you can easily get away from trouble that you might encounter as you drive along. This is a technique for you to secure that you have everything you needed intact.

To help you, here are the ways how to change the tires when you are alone.

1. Look for the best and safe place for you to change your tires. The location where you are going to change your tire must be quiet, free from many people so that you can’t also be a problem to other people. Prefer to pull over in a long and straight road.

2. Take out your needed tools as well as your spare tire. When you are in an ideal place for tire-changing, be ready with the things you needed to have your tire replaced. This is the time when you feel great about yourself for bringing an extra tire and the essential tools to have it changed.

3. In the event, you are changing your tire on the road, place flares or reflected triangle behind your vehicles to signal other drivers and to secure your safety as well.

4. Have the hubcap or wheel cover removed. However, if your lug nuts are uncovered, you may skip this step.

5. With the use of your lug wrench, loosen your lug nuts, move and expand the jack until the flat lifts off the ground. This will give you enough access to changing your tires.

6. Your lug nuts should be unscrewed and removed. Also, make sure that your spare is aligned.

7. Once you replaced your lug nuts, make sure you tighten it using your hand.

8. Carefully lower your jack until it touches the ground. Also, with the use of your wench, tighten your lug nuts.

9. If you have extra hubcap or wheel cover, replace it so that your safety is secured.

10. Have your spare checked after you follow the above steps? In the event you don’t have a tire gauge, drive to a gas station so that you can make sure your car is safe.

If you have followed these tips provided for you, know that these tips are given so that you can survive in a situation where you need to change your tire alone. It is still necessary for you to go to an automotive repair shop so that you can have your vehicle checked. This will also ensure your safety.



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