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Touch screen phones have been common nowadays. Most manufacturers spend a lot on research and development to create a wider screen with higher resolution and with durable screens. However, because of the frequency of usage of an owner, extra protection is necessary. This is why a lot of covers, casings and tempered glasses have been widely accessible and becoming more affordable. In addition to all of these developments, the user themselves must learn how to properly clean their gadgets. This infographic provides a guide on how you can get that surface of your phone shiny and shimmering.

1. Water and microfiber cloth must be prepared. Clean the screen using the corner of the cloth and a few drops of water. You can buy a microfiber cloth from different stores. But, you must ensure that the cloth itself was clean.

2. Get the phone out of the box. Clean it again.

3. Tilt the phone in all angles possible. Tilt it against the light to see if there are smudges and dirt left. Not because you have already wiped the screen of the phone, it is already in the best condition possible. If your room is not that bright, you won’t be able to see the dirt. Get out of your room and check it under broad daylight.

4. After checking it under the light, if you see a spot where there is dirt or dust, repeat from step one. It might take you many times to repeat the same process. But, don’t get tired of it.

5. Get another soft cotton cloth and make a corner of it wet. You will use this when you apply the Rain-X.

6. Swirl the Rain X to the entire screen. You will see that it will bead up at first, but it is very normal. Just keep on doing it, for about twenty to thirty seconds. You will see that it will dry up and start to form a hazy coating.

7. Now, at this step, get the microfiber cloth. Get it damp only and try to remove the hazy coating.

8. At the other side of microfiber cloth- the dry part, wipe the screen again to make sure it is clear and the haze was gone. If it can’t be removed, wipe it with the damp corner of the cloth. It must have not been wet enough.

9. Get your device, open your windows and check the different angles from left to right. Under the bright light, you must see if there are smudges, dust or dirt left. If this is the case, reapply the Rain X and follow the same process.

10. Cellphones have widescreen that is fragile and vulnerable to dust, dirt and scratches. Protecting it with using a tempered glass or cover may not be enough. Sometimes, dirt is too small that it passes through the tiniest hole in your screens. By cleaning it regularly, you can eliminate the cause of smudges and moisture and you get the best phone experience.



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