How to get PMU Client Reviews and Testimonials Infographic

Is a review important? Yes, customer reviews can be one of your most effective PMU marketing tactics because most customers read reviews before making a reservation at a new salon.

What is a Client Testimonial?

A client testimonial is when a former client discusses their interaction with you in writing. They are expressing their satisfaction with the care and service, as well as the caliber of your work.

Asking them to put the recommendation on Google, Facebook, Style Seat, or any other website where your clients can find you can make it even more beneficial. Ask for permission and have the client sign a release form before displaying any repurposed images or client testimonials on your website or social media.

Why It’s Important to Care About Reviews

Consider what it would be like to be a new client for a minute. She is interested in the idea of permanent makeup, but she wants to know what her alternatives are and what the potential outcomes might look like. Before making a purchase, more than half of shoppers read at least four reviews. This means that both the amount and quality of reviews matter.

Testimonials Win Clients

Your clients require more information in order to make the best choice, given the abundance of options at their disposal. Word of mouth has the power to make or break whether a client books your service. Testimonials aid prospective customers in choosing you.

How To Get More Testimonials From Clients

  1. Create a website and social media accounts for your business. Allow visitors to your website to read customer reviews and post their own. For instance, most customers search Google or Facebook business pages first, so have at least one, if not both, of them.
  2. PMU and microblading are artistic techniques, show them off. With a ton of watermarked before and after images or movies, showcase your artistic talent. They will become more confident in you after seeing examples of how amazing you have made others seem.
  3. Get an answer: It can be uncomfortable, yes. However, you must ask and sometimes even remind your customers to post reviews if you want to routinely get positive feedback. Do not feel ashamed or timid about it. It’s a step in expanding your company. Be careful not to be overly persistent or aggressive. Give a succinct justification for why you need their recommendation.
    Say something like, “Your results look amazing, and I’m so delighted you’re happy with them, too. ” in an unapologetic, confident, yet non-pushy manner. Clients that are pleased with your job would be more than happy to help. Give them a link to a review submission form to make their job easier.
  4. Make testimonials simple to read and leave: You want the process to be simple for both you and your users. You can use interactive plug-ins directly on your website or copy and paste reviews from your Google business page onto it. The procedure is simplified for you by third-party services, but this results in less control over the reviews. Consider sticking with a form that provides you more authority over removing bogus reviews.

Never try to sway a reviewer’s opinion or bribe them with something in exchange for their time. It’s prohibited on many websites, can backfire on you if it sounds shady, and won’t provide you with frank feedback.

Customer Reviews are Your Key to Growth

If you’ve been stumped on how to increase PMU clients, turn to the modern version of “word-of-mouth” marketing, known as the online client testimonial.

Client endorsements and reviews highlight the caliber of your work and offer an inside look at the PMU or microblading process. Reviews will assist your audience to comprehend other aspects of the customer experience, such as your personality and the atmosphere of your salon, even if you have a gallery showcasing your work. Potential customers can also notice that you are authentic and trustworthy if they see that someone else with a similar need had made a reservation with you and had a positive experience.



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