How to Grow a PMU Business: Scale up Your Customer Service Infographic

It’s overwhelming to do everything on your own when growing your PMU business. You want to continue giving every customer the finest experience possible because customer reviews are one of your best promotional tools. Filling your schedule and building your PMU brand without compromising other areas is the key to growing your business.

Planning for Success

You’re likely at a point in your profession when you need to make some modifications if it’s getting harder and harder for you to keep up with your busy salon. Perform more work without compromising customer service by scaling back or enhancing your business procedures.

It’s crucial to have a strategy in place for increasing customer service as your calendar fills up with appointments. In the PMU sector, scaling customer service refers to providing more and higher-quality customer service interactions using your current resources.

1. Keep what’s important and discard the rest.

Determine what is most important to your clients first. Perhaps it’s acceptable to your clients if you reply to communications within a few hours rather than the usual 30 minutes. That will allow you to focus on something else they care more about, like appointment reminders and receiving a pre-appointment checklist without having to keep checking your phone or website.

2. Make your customers feel valued.

Every business owner wants to be known for providing top-notch customer service. However, when your company expands, keeping your stellar reputation may become more difficult. While other aspects of the client experience, such as reservations and payments, and communications, may deteriorate, your artistic abilities remain flawless. Maintain your efforts to provide each client with a genuine sense of importance.

3. Stop attempting to do everything by yourself.

The one-woman show that launched your career as a successful permanent makeup artist might not be sufficient to manage a busy salon alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle everything by yourself. While your artistic vision will always be your own, you can enlist assistance in directing and overseeing other aspects of your organization. A permanent makeup marketing agency can be a priceless asset in helping you expand your company without compromising the caliber of the client experience.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Client

Put yourself in the client’s position. Describe the ideal client encounter. Consider your likes, dislikes, and areas of neutrality. As you describe the ideal customer experience for your clients, set your customer service goals while keeping in mind that you may need to make adjustments as you put your strategy into action and test it out. To find out more about tactics that have been successful for others in your business, speak with the marketing team of your beauty salon.

Invest in Technology and People

In the end, you’ll probably need to hire more support to handle daily work so you can focus on your clients. You can delegate a portion of your work to an agency. Or, most times, technology can handle the task.

Without incurring the additional cost of recruiting more employees, an agency can offer additional personnel and knowledge to manage various elements of your organization. You can manage recurring jobs more cheaply by using automated technology. For instance, you could employ software that enables customers to make reservations through your website. The same technology can then give them a reminder, an appointment confirmation, and a list of things to do or not do before they arrive.

A well-designed website and a community forum for your clients to communicate with one another can help provide answers to frequent questions, saving you time and enhancing your community.

The Initial Investment is Beneficial

As your company expands, the assistance of both people and technology can lighten your workload, keep bringing in new clients, and maintain your stellar level of client service. You will incur some upfront fees while expanding your firm, whether it is by using technical services and software or engaging an agency that can aid you with extra staff. For the satisfaction of your clients, your reputation, peace of mind, and longevity, the investment is worthwhile.



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