How to Pick the Best Diamond for your Budget Infographic

“Diamonds are every girl’s best friend”

“Diamonds are forever”

These are what we commonly heard when “Diamonds” are brought up as a subject especially in social gatherings. And do you know that diamonds today are many to choose from? Yes, that is why many women are now feeling overwhelmed when finding the right one. Especially, if you are going to compared diamonds found in jewelry stores where selections are limited.

If you desired a perfect diamond shape, but the budget will rob your bank account, so better to consider a round or princess cut. Also, set carat minimum weight based on your preferences and set your heart into it.

Here, we give you steps to guide you in choosing the right diamond that suits your budget.

1. Carat – Unit of Weight

Diamonds are sold by the carats, it has usually shown in a ct. abbreviation which stands for the weight. Although most think that carat is a size term instead. Carat originated from the carob seed – an original unit used by traders to measure for diamond. The carat today is equal to 0.2grams (200mg) same weight of the paper clip.

The carat weight is usually mistaken as “karat” which both has similar sounds, but the latter refers to the purity of the gold. Also, carat is not just applied to diamonds but also with many gemstones. The diamond carat is varying from its size. Take note, if a diamond is cut poorly, the high carat may actually look smaller and you may get a lesser price.

2. Diamond Cut Grade

Cut grade is most essential of the four C’s (clarity, cut, color, and carat) in determining the overall look of a diamond. If a diamond is poorly cut it will appear as dull even with great color and clarity. On the contrary, a well-cut diamond can actually have slightly lower color but still appears very beautiful because of its ability to create brilliance and sparkle.

3. Color – The Less Color the Greater Its Worth

Color is second to cut when it comes to diamond standards. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) that developed a letter system to distinguish diamond color;

D – The highest grade that goes to colorless gems
Z – The lowest grade which goes to diamonds with a yellowish or brownish hue

Remember that color is difficult to determine if a diamond is set in a ring. Also, if this will put in an environment that contains colors.

4. Clarity – The Least Important Factor In Selecting Diamond

The clarity can affect the value of a diamond. Clarity assesses the small imperfections of the diamond on its surface and internally. Blemishes are what they called to the surface flaws while internal defects called inclusions. These natural blemishes and inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. Also, it does not affect the beauty of the diamond. Those that have the least and smallest inclusions are said to have the highest clarity assessment.

So, you all have the steps in selecting a diamond that will suit your budget. Start assessing the highest quality diamond based on the shape, carat weight, clarity, and color. And weigh the points until you can select a diamond at an affordable cost.



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How to Pick the Best Diamond for your Budget
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