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The winter season compels everyone to cover themselves up from head to toe. People often wear thick clothing to protect their body from too much cold. Because of this, clothing manufacturers have found a way to make their line of garments intended to winter season. It became a fashion statement for some who would like to maintain their good looks even when cold air or snow hits their community. As part of protective clothing, beanies are used to cover one’s head. There are multiple designs, colors, and fabrics used for this headpiece. However, just like any other piece of clothing, it can also smell bad and it also needs to be taken care of. This infographic provides helpful ways on how you can avoid buying beanies every winter season while maintaining its good condition.

1. Pay attention to your beanies in as much as you do with your other clothing. Your hair often catches dirt and dust that can make your beanies smell unpleasant. Even if it does not appear to be dirty, it was able to catch dirt from the environment. So, wash it regularly.

2. Beanies are made of special fabrics because it is a knit item. Check on the tags or labels if it needs extra care. More so, you do not use the washing machine when washing it because you might be shocked to see all of its threads getting out. You must not also use strong detergents and when washing it, try to squeeze it very smoothly and lightly. To dry it, you must not include it along with other clothing in a dryer. Instead, use air drying because it is the best method to dry it without ruining its original look.

3. If you want to keep the beanies during the summer season, place it properly in a box while maintaining its shape. Crumpling it before putting inside a cabinet will cause deformities.

4. Another way to keep it in good condition is to hang it in a shoe hanger rather than folding it along with other clothes. Organize your drawer where you can stack all your beanies to avoid misplacing it.

5. Winter always brings out new things for everybody; may it be in your choice of clothing or other things that will make you comfortable despite the weather conditions. However, the winter season will come no matter what you do and buying new clothes all the time would be costly and expensive.

6. When taking care of your belongings, it should be fairly done. Not because it is small, you pay little attention to it when in fact it needs more caring because it is made of delicate materials that could be easily thorned if put inside a washing machine or a dryer.

7. Beanies protect your hair from getting bits of snowflakes so that you will not feel the cold too much. Aside from that, it is a nice pair for your outfit. That’s why a variety of colors and designs are available among different shopping malls in your locality.



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