How to use photos to showcase the differences of PMU and Microblading Infographic

Permanent Make-Up or PMU and microblading have picked up in popularity. In fact, they are two of the most requested beauty treatment. More people realize the confidence boost they can get from a beautiful pair of brows and face enhancement, making getting ready more effortless than ever.

Eyebrows are Essential

The thick and well-defined eyebrows from the 1980s remain a popular fashion trend, and it has become more sought after in the past year, and the masks covering half of our faces could be the reason why. That is why many customers seek the best microblading service in their areas.

PMU vs. Microblading

Artists often struggle to explain to potential customers who rely on the internet when looking for the beauty service they need that PMU and microblading are the same thing. The truth is, the two are totally different procedures that have remarkable results. Most people don’t know this, leading to misconceptions and hesitation. Providing answers and clarifying the facts through social media is crucial. Use your website and photos to help clients understand the two procedures. It is also an excellent opportunity to turn a curious researcher into a customer.

Showcase the Difference

Have two different categories showcasing photos for PMU and microblading. These portfolios will help potential customers see the difference at first glance.


There is more to PMU than just simple brow sculpting, and your customer should know it. It also includes lip, cheek, and eye color. Some before and after photos will reveal the potential of permanent makeup, and during photos of how the look is created is also ideal.


Both PMU and microblading can create the perfect eyebrow. When posting photos, it would be best to include the procedure in the description. That way, clients can visualize while doing their research.

Healing and Aesthetic

Patients who have alopecia, hair loss due to cancer, and other similar conditions can benefit from PMU and microblading. It can help them regain their confidence by enhancing their appearance. You can add this information on your website to let people know that PMU and microblading are also for those healing from trauma or illness. You should also include any special consideration and information about the process to make an informed decision easier.

Versatility of PMU and Microblading

Committing to something permanent, especially on the face, can make anyone nervous. To build trust, showcase the similarities and differences between PMU and microblading on your page. Here you can show off the natural-looking or bold results that previous clients have achieved and bring a sense of relief and assurance to anyone interested in trying the services. These might be the information and photos that can convince someone to go and book an appointment with you.

Making it Work for You

Becoming a licensed, experienced, trained PMU and microblading artist takes time. You need to learn the techniques and improve yourself to grow and expand your business and client base. Highstoke Academy is a great place where you can learn many things, including how to attract clients, set up advertising, and fine-tune your marketing.



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