Infographics are widely used by marketers to spruce up their content for Black Friday, which is thought of as the start of the holiday shopping season. Marketers use infographics to reach out to shoppers who are increasingly dependent on their mobile devices for browsing products and making purchases. The artistic images and concise information on infographics make them ideal for shoppers on the move.

Infographic Design Ideas for Black Friday

(Pixabay / adamtepl)

Marketers can craft their Black Friday infographics based on the following design ideas:

  • Black Friday spending – You might find yourself holding off on buying those big dollar items until Black Friday because you want to see if there are any good deals. If you have done this, you are not alone. Black Friday spending is often on larger dollar items, but the purchases differ according to the demographics of the shoppers. Black Friday spending based on demographics would be an interesting story to tell using an infographic. Additionally, an infographic that shows the relationship between money spent and money saved during Black Friday shopping might even persuade shoppers to spend more time looking around on your site.
  • Black Friday shopping facts – Shoppers tend to make their purchases at their favorite stores. Consider designing an infographic that shows the breakdown of Black Friday shoppers patronizing each of the big retailers.
  • Sales comparison between Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are toe to toe in the race to become the top shopping day of the year. Craft an infographic that will make a comparison between the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales through the years. If you’re looking to add complexity to your infographic, consider showing the difference in the types of items bought on each day.
  • Sales figures of in-store shopping and online shopping for Black Friday – Historically, shoppers lined up early on Black Friday morning to wait for the store to open. News reporters have even captured people camping out days in advance in order to get the best doorbuster deals. More shoppers today prefer to shop online on Black Friday than going to a physical store. You can develop an infographic showing the percentage of Black Friday shoppers who go to the physical store in comparison to those who shop online year by year.
  • Future of online shopping – An infographic on the future of online shopping could be a fascinating story to visualize. You can show the percentage of shoppers who bought online on a year to year basis for the last 10 years and then continue the story with a projection of what will happen over the next 10 years based on current trends.
  • Black Friday history – Black Friday has dramatically changed in the last 15 years. Not only have many stores started their sales on Thanksgiving Day, but many stores continue the same sales long after Cyber Week is over. An infographic that relates the beginning of Black Friday to its current state would be eye-opening to many Americans.

Black Friday seems to have exploded in popularity in the past few years, and that has left many people wondering where and when this change occurred. Adding interesting infographics regarding different aspects of Black Friday is an excellent way to grab your customers’ attention and keep them on your site longer.