Infographics combine graphics, data, and content. They are important because they alter the way people experience and understand presentations or stories by quickly and clearly presenting complex information.

Because people tend to have short attention spans (eight seconds is the purported average), marketers need to make an immediate and meaningful impact on their target audiences. Marketers can make this rapid connection through infographics.  Here’s a closer look at the perks of infographics:


Are Infographics Important in Your Content Strategy?



Infographics promote your brand

Infographics do not only tell consumers about your brand. They also demonstrate your company’s values and style. This allows people to feel a personal connection with your business.

Infographics simplify complicated information

Infographics can convey a lot of information in a very small space. Infographics can turn dry and abstruse facts and figures into highly-digestible “bites” of information.

Infographics may enhance SEO

Your search engine exposure may get a boost from infographics that are posted on your website and shared on other sites.

Infographics captivate

Humans are visual creatures.  Optic nerves are drawn to well-designed and attractive graphics. Infographics have far greater potential to engage the brain than plain old text.

Infographics establish authority

If you can present a trove of resource-based information, you can showcase your expertise in your industry.

Don’t underestimate the promotional power of infographics.  You can build infographics yourself, using online tools, or hire a graphic designer.