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A lot of groups whether in public or private service condemn the use of marijuana because of its negative effects on the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the person. Growing of such plant is prohibited in many areas of the country due to the fear of its proliferation and abuse of usage. However, marijuana is not just for smoking. There are several types of research that prove the use of this plant that is left behind. This infographic will show the different uses of marijuana.

1. You can see giant statutes in the Easter Island. It is a wonder how these giant stones were transferred to this place. However, a group of archaeologists tried to figure out how the 9600 pounds statutes were moved. They found out that marijuana fibers can be made into ropes.

2. There is what you call industrial hemp. It is similar to traditional marijuana except that it does not contain the substance tetrahydrocannabinolic (TCHA) which is responsible for the psychological change in a user.

3. Marijuana is considered a gender-bender. A study revealed that smoking is a different experience for men and women. Rebecca Craft of Washington State University in her experiments with rats found that females were more sensitive to the painkilling qualities of marijuana. However, she suggested that they were likely to develop tolerance and dependence which indicated that women could fall easily to marijuana abuse.

4. Medicinal marijuana is used to ease the pain caused by glaucoma and chemotherapy and it has been proven to be effective. That is why it is believed that it can also be given to pets especially dogs and cats. In the 2013 article of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medicine, marijuana can also help alleviate the suffering of your pet. However, quantities should also be regulated because large amounts can be dangerous.

5. Demonizing marijuana has its reasons. Studies revealed how it contributes to increasing the risk of developing schizophrenic behavior among its users because of hallucinations preventing them to separate the reality from imagination. A 2014 study shows that marijuana can also increase a person’s heart rate and blood pressure. This means that if you are vulnerable to heart problems, marijuana can tip you off to a heart attack.

6. Several names were given to marijuana to hide its identity. You could hear bizarre names like purple haze, chocolate and green crack. Other countries name that plant in a way that they would understand even it is called differently.

7. There was a case in North Carolina hospital where the babies’ urine was tested positive for marijuana. However, it was not because they were exposed to marijuana but because they were just soapy. Do baby soaps contain marijuana?

8. Pot is becoming stronger because a test by the Drug Enforcement Agency found that the levels of THC increased up to 12% from 4%. Remember that THCA caused erratic behavior and mental changes among the users.

9. Maine’s legalization of marijuana passed and other states have joined such as California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and others. Though a recount is suggested drug records suggest that legalization of marijuana can affect its availability and methods of consumption.



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