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May it be publicly accepted or not, America is considered a weed nation. Young ones, adults, professionals, men or women, cannabis sativa has been part of the country’s culture. A century of marijuana’s proliferation in the nation plus the legalization of recreational pot and support given to medical marijuana just proves it to be an unavoidable concern. Though, some researchers prove its purpose to the medical field, uncontrolled usage could still cause a life. Hence, the challenge is how to keep smoking weeds at a minimal level. The history of cannabis being used in America is not inherent in its nation. This infographic from Pure Detox will present the different types of cannabis and where it really came from.

1. There are four type of marijuana: cannabis sativa L, cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis sativa L is also known as hemp. It is a type of marijuana that doesn’t give much effect to the user because of its low THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. However, cannabis sativa without an L is the more potent ones. It can cause hallucinations. While the other two cannabis are not really in much use. Cannabis ruderalis that was discovered by a Russian scientist is even considered invisible.

2. Was it the Americans who planted this plant? The truth is no. It was brought by Portuguese who were the trading partners of the country. The original purpose of marijuana was to pacify the slaves since slave trades were common at that time.

3. When slavery was ended, the British India company grew cannabis in Bengal and India and exported it to South Africa, Jamaica and Guyana. Taxes were imposed on this commodity and planting had been incentivized.

4. On the other hand, the marijuana crossed the country since 1910 when the Mexican Revolution happened. Latinos and other Spanish-speaking countries are already known smoker of weeds. When the revolution occurred, the refugees crossed the boundaries and they brought the tradition of pot smoking since then. This drug was used to be well known as “colored people’s drug” but as time went by the whites have discovered and used it as well.

5. Harry Anslinger, the first person who was assigned to enforce the prohibition of drug usage, made it a mission in his life. With all his efforts, the Marijuana Stamp Act in 1937 was passed into law. However, the drug decided to be illegal was not grounded on scientific researches but mere hearsays which were not strong enough to prevent people from using it.

6. Aside from hemp, there was another name for it which is called “hash”. This has been used by soldiers from who returned after Napoleon’s conquest to Egypt. However, unlike hemp, hash has been tagged as a luxury drug. It was more exclusive and expensive because it is pure.

7. So, as you can see there were hemp and hash users but how did it grow to become so popular? At first, the weed smoking community was concentrated in Texas, a Mexican-American community. However, intercourse and intermarriages happened and the result was a widespread use of it in the southwest region.

8. Lastly, the prohibition of weed smoking, ironically, has caused its more usage. People become more curious and wanted to try it out. And it also became an alternative to alcohol.



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