Mistakes-to-Avoid-when-Remodelling-Kitchen Infographic

Some people, whether man or woman, simply love to stay in the kitchen. They just want to see the kitchen appliances, cook from time to time and make their selves busy with anything that they can do in this part of the house. Are you just like this? If you are, take a look at your kitchen, does it need remodeling? If it does, refer to this infographic, to avoid any possible mistakes while you are planning and ensuring an efficient and comfortable kitchen.

1. Don’t neglect some storage solutions that would maximize your storage efficiency. Adding some drawers or cabinets can at least lessen the clutter in your kitchen area. This would also serve as a safe storage for your kitchen utensils such as knife or fork. Hence, children can play on this dangerous kitchen items.

2. Don’t simply place everything in one place. There are busy areas in the kitchen that must be properly aligned with your workflow. Ensure that the stove, refrigerator or sink are in an efficient location so that your work in the kitchen won’t be affected.

3. Don’t let your counter space look crowded and with any litter. Instead, design it attractively by providing much space. A spacious counter will make the kitchen look wide as well. You can design it with candles or flowers to keep a good ambiance while cooking.

4. Don’t plan it alone. Some with artistic talent in designing an interior especially the kitchen will think of planning it alone, but that won’t just be effective. There are expert kitchen consultants that could help you plan to maximize your kitchen space. After that, you can implement the design on your own. This will be easier for you to have a good pattern of movement whenever you are in the kitchen.

5. Don’t let paint drippings and kitchen materials or debris fall into the other areas of the house such as the living room. A nice kitchen won’t match a ruined living room, right?

6. Don’t keep your eyes closed with the money you are already spending for the remodeling of your kitchen. If you go out of the budget, you will sacrifice another aspect of the remodeling plan. This would ruin the concept for a comfortable and stylish kitchen.

7. Don’t plan to remodel the kitchen if you would change it again the year after. Some homeowners make impulsive decisions when it comes to their kitchen. However, your mindset should be doing it for long-term purposes and think of it as an investment more than just an upgrade.

8. Imagine the kitchen with your plan for remodeling. Will the color match the paint color of the other house areas? What kind of flooring do you wish to step on whenever you are cooking? How would the overall look of the kitchen look like? These are just a few questions you need to think about before making the final decision.

9. Most of all, consider the appliances you want to install in the kitchen area? Will you be getting new ones? Or you will just try to get cabinets that will fit into the hues of your refrigerator and other appliances?

source: https://www.washingtonstatekitchenbath.com/articles/ideas-trimming-kitchen-remodel-costs/


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