Mistakes-to-Avoid-When-Selling-on-Amazon Infographic

Customers shop around the internet through several e-commerce sites. Hence, sellers must be present among the most known, reliable and with good reputation sites. One of these is Amazon. It has gained several positive reviews from the customers in many categories of products that are sold in its platform. However, selling on Amazon requires understanding of how it works and the behaviour of customers when they are buying online. This infographic provides five areas in which most sellers commit mistakes. Avoid these mistakes so you can have a better Amazon selling journey.

1. Incomplete data or information about the products or services that you are offering to the market. Customers make decisions to buy depending on the information given to them. You need to provide truthful information so that customers will be expecting just equal to how you can deliver the product. Remember that you are not alone in Amazon and you are not the only one selling that product.

2. Selling too much just to capture the interest of the customer. For example, some sellers would sell something that’s not in their inventory just to please the customer. Eventually, the delivery date will come and you would not be able to deliver. This would mean complaints from the customer that will in turn ruin your reputation. So, don’t sell something that’s not on hand.

3. Costly fulfilment or late delivery of the products. Amazon is known for fast and on time delivery. If you can’t keep this promise, you aren’t just dissatisfying your customer but also of Amazon. No customer wants to wait for their products. So, promise a delivery date that you can fulfil at a reasonable price. Use the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) so that the customers will trust your delivery schedules.

4. Not responding to negative customer reviews. It is seldom that you see commendations from customers, unless they are overwhelmed by your services. But, they are most honest and very vocal about their true feelings when they are dissatisfied. They won’t tell you personally but they will leave negative reviews in your account. This would turn other potential customers to feel disgusted even though they haven’t made business with you yet. However, you can still correct it. Follow up and post-sale services can be a good start.

5. As mentioned, there are lots of competitors in Amazon. Also, Amazon itself can be your competitor but it is recommended that you won’t directly compete with them. Your goal is to avoid this competition. You must research first on what products are being sold by Amazon so you can sell something else.

6. To avoid poor reviews from customers, dissatisfaction and damages to reputation, you need to avoid all these mistakes. Research is important not just in your customers but also in your customers. Most of all, ensure that you provide the right delivery date, give the right detail of the products being sold and sell correctly with an inventory on hand. Amazon could just be friendly to you and will help your online business succeed.


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