Must-have-Traits-of-Every-Physician-Assistant Infographic

Do you have a goal to become an effective and efficient physician assistant? If yes, check yourself whether you have the traits listed on this infographic. It will make you become an effective assistant to the doctor and a friend to his or her patients.

1. Physician assistants must be humble enough to know their limitations. There are cases when the illness of the patient is beyond your knowledge so you must consult the doctor first before making any decisions. This is called humility. If you tried your luck on something you don’t have full knowledge about, you might make wrong information about the patient’s condition.

2. Expect that you will be in stressful situations. There will be times when you will be asked to make quick decisions and even to do multiple tasks. Sometimes, you will be faced with patients that have ailments such as hypertension or heart ailments. Can you handle emergency cases like this?

3. When the doctor makes diagnosis and prescribe medications, they base it on the information made by the physician assistant. Any wrong information relayed to them could cause wrong treatments to patients. So, they must be keen to details and be able to make correct and accurate information related to the patient’s condition.

4. The medical field is full of jargons that patient’s can even comprehend. When they look at the diagnosis and prescriptions, you must be sensitive enough to see whether they have fully understood it. An effective communication skill will help the patients to understand their treatment procedures.

5. Be compassionate and caring to patients. You will be the one facing the patient most of the time and you should understand each of their situations. Care is something that’s priceless and the patients will at least feel better despite of their medical ailments. So, don’t be a snob and show them that you care.

6. You can’t avoid facing patients with different critical conditions. A life and death scenario could melt your heart and shaken your emotional stability. However, you should strengthen your heart and mind so you can make rational decisions about the patient’s condition. It will also allow you act without shaking.

7. You need to be an independent worker. A physician assistant doesn’t work with the physician all the time. For times like this, you must have the initiative to do other tasks especially some paper works. Also, you might be tasked to take care of post-operation patients.

8. Aside from being independent, you must also be a team player. You will be working with other members of the healthcare team such as nurses, anaesthesiologists and other physicians. By being a team player, you can play your part well in whatever endeavour the team is undergoing.

9. Another important characteristic of an effective physician assistant is adaptability to many changing scenarios and unpredictable patients. There are cases when you will be asked more responsibilities aside from consultations, new admissions and unexpected procedures. Hence, you must prepare all of the possible scenarios that could happen in the hospital.



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