Natural-Air-Freshener-Ingredients-to-Remove-the-Foul-Odor-in-Homes Infographic

Something smelly inside the house? The first thing that you will think about is buying an air purifier or air freshener. However, this could be expensive when in fact a lot of natural ingredients can help you eliminate the foul odor inside your house. Just go to the kitchen and find the following items. You can have your own natural air freshener. This infographic will give the list of ingredients that you can choose from.

1. Coffee is known as a morning awakener. But, it is also known as a natural air freshener. Perhaps, the aroma of coffee itself gives that fresh scent inside the house. You can smell the results immediately.

2. Pet sand is also a good absorber of odor. It can eliminate the foul odor in your house and you can use it to kill pests. If you are cat owner, you know what a pet sand is.

3. Aside from its decorative nature, palm tree is known for its capability to absorb formaldehyde. It is a chemical found in paint and glue that emits a foul odor. That must be the reason why, hotels and resorts are willing to spend extra for these palm trees.

4. Foul odor is caused by bacteria brought by many carriers inside the house. A bottle of vinegar can help you kill these bacteria and remove the foul odor. Just mix a white vinegar with water and spray it on infected areas of the house.

5. Ten drops of lavender and mixing it with fifteen drops of orange oil and also a few tea tree oil can give you a natural air freshener. Spraying it inside your room can give the scent of fruits and flowers. What a nice scent before and after you sleep!

6. Oranges taste nice and sweet and it’s amazing that even the skin can be helpful to you. It can give fresh aroma that can stay for a few hours and its skin can shoo mosquitoes away.

7. Spices, just like vinegar, are found in the kitchen but its function goes beyond that for it can also serve as your natural air freshener. Mix cinnamon with water and you are ready to eliminate the foul odor inside the house.

8. Essential oils are known as ingredients in making perfume. The most famous essential oil is the lavender oil but you can also opt for sandalwood or eucalyptus. Find a strategic place in the house, possibly, near an air conditioner, so that the scent will cover the entire place.

9. The lavender flower is also a natural air freshener. It emits a smell that is relaxing to a person’s feeling. Aside from that, it serves as mosquito repellent. Having lavender inside your house is like hitting two birds with one stone.

10. Lemon, a bright yellow fruit, has been proven to be an effective natural air freshener. It gives an energizing feeling that can make the family feel comfortable inside the house. Just cut the lemon into half and its scent will be smelled immediately. You can also squeeze the lemon, put its juice inside a bottle and spray it inside the house.



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