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A functional vehicle will have different parts. These parts are responsible for ensuring that the driver and his passengers will have a comfortable, safe and secure travelling experience. Before having a road trip to mountainous or rough areas in the countryside, it is essential that all of these parts are in good condition. Some car enthusiasts would spend a lot to modify their vehicles to make it efficient in all weather and road conditions. However, going off the road requires modifications that are fitted to the roughness of the road that you are about to traverse. If you are a beginner for this adventure, know the basic knowledge about tires through this infographic.

1. Do you know how to get the height of the tires? This is important because the height of the tires have a significant impact on the performance of the car. First, check the number attached to your tires. Now, multiply the first number in sequence with the second one in hundredths. For example, the number on your tire is 225 75 16s. 225 should be multiplied by .75. The product should be divided by 25.4. The quotient of this equation should be added to the rim height, which appears to be the last number. The result would be close to 29 inches. Though, you now know how to measure the height of the tire, it is still important to consult with a tire shop.

2. This is because the sizes of the tires can vary depending on the manufacturer. Your calculations may not be accurate at all times. If you want to avoid an accident, better exert all safety precautions before traveling.

3. Aside from the tire height, you can also check on its static loaded radius. This refers to the height from the ground up to the center of the wheel, which is why it is called a radius. It is less compared to diameter and it dictates the height of the truck or vehicle you are going to use. The static loaded radius measures the height of the vehicle when it is loaded at its maximum. A 1.5-inch height clearance on a truck can already be noticeable.

4. Are you familiar with the gearings of the car? Modifying it can also lead to noticeable changes in the gearings. If you put taller tires, expect a decrease on its RPM. This would mean a quieter car because taller tires decrease the car’s gear ratio. You can also visit websites about tires that can give more details about the gearings of a car.

5. Nothing is wrong with modifying a car especially if you are going to do it for a purpose. For families who often visit mountainous areas, taller tires are needed so that they can have smooth sailing travel despite the roughness of the road. Also, before you buy a tire or change any of its parts, it is still better if you have a mechanic or an auto repair expert who can give significant suggestions about your tire choices.



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