Our Favorite Ways to Store Our Stash InfographicWhether you are buying in bulk or by half gram, storing your cannabis properly is a necessary piece of information. It is important for budget-minded buyers and even for those who smoke eight at once. The right storage option can ensure the quality, freshness, fragrance, and greenness of your cannabis.

Gone are the days when plastic baggies or cellophane are used. Nowadays, you have two best options to choose from. Deciding between these two will depend on several factors that you should carefully look into.

Smell-Proof Bag

The smell-proof bag is perfect for the stoner on the go. While a glass jar may clearly reduce odor, its size and delicate nature make it difficult to transport. Jars are bulky and unable to fit into a bag, and when they break, they scatter glass fragments everywhere. A bag outperforms the traditional jar in every situation. They are unobtrusive, may be tucked into a pocket, tote, or backpack, are portable, and can mask odors. Jars are transparent, however, the odor-proof bag is opaque. With a proper bag, you only need to zip it and the stash is now concealed. The stink is minimized, and you are prepared to travel with a ready supply of smoke.

Bags are odor-proof and can be used for both short-term and long-term storage. Using light and water-resistant bags can help keep marijuana fresher for longer. Using our SmellSafe Carbon integrated technology, which uses carbon-permeated cushioning to keep odors in while keeping moisture out and preventing environmental damage.

Glass Jar

Glass jars are an excellent option for securing your stash from moisture, mildew, and other environmental deterioration that occurs when a small amount of marijuana is left on your nightstand for weeks. Large jars are a common choice for home growers who are curing their produce because glass is non-porous. Buds can maintain humidity by curing in a jar for the 2-4 weeks required for effective curing. Glass containers, in contrast to plastic ones, are certain to be BPA-free and have no chance of transferring unpleasant aromas or odors to the finished product, which can occasionally happen to marijuana that has been overly stored or cured in a plastic tube.

Glass is also a fantastic material for stockpile displays. Our RYOT storage jars have a clean, Scandinavian minimalist style, while mason jars have a more rural, homegrown feel. RYOT’s jars come with lovely wooden lids, unlike most supermarket shop jars. They may also be used as a rolling tray, making it simple to transport a jar of our preferred strain to the porch for our daily wake and bake ritual. We’re proud of our marijuana, so keeping it under glass on display is a lovely way to showcase it. GR8TR goes great with our jars and is our preferred method of displaying. This wooden herb grinder can grind right into the storage jar, which is quite convenient and saves a lot of time. This option is compatible with Ryot’s other products, such as the Lock R Box, Safe Case, or Jar Cooler Bag. RYOT has created a solution to suit your demands, whether you want to keep your stash hidden or carry it with you while you’re out and about.


Your needs and aesthetic preferences will determine the storage container you pick. Are you a traveling smoker? Then a bag is the simpler and safer option to transport. Do you smoke in the comfort of your own house when you have visitors? Whatever you decide, spend money on high-quality tools to keep your buds tidy, clean, and ready for usage.

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