For an infographic to be successful you must also pursue getting it published and distributed on other websites. Once your infographic is designed, your work can’t end there. Here’s a look at some things you should do after your infographic is created:

Promoting Infographics

(Pixabay / Pixelkult)

  • Take it to social media — Sharing your infographic on social media is a proven way to increase your visibility. More exposure leads to better conversion. Share your infographics through your various social media accounts and broaden your exposure.
  • Share through email — Don’t forget the power of manual outreach, including email. Send an email to your subscribers and include a link to your newest infographic.
  • Generate accompanying content — While an infographic tells a story, it is always advisable to create an original article that will be posted alongside your infographic. There is a limit on the data that you can include in your infographic without muddying it. Save the exhaustive details for your complementary article.
  • Include quick embed options — You want your audience to extend far beyond your website’s visitors, so it’s important to create a way to share your infographic. One way people can share your infographic is to right-click it, save it, and upload it to another website. That process is very cumbersome, though. To make your infographic more shareable, include an HTML code that people can easily copy and paste (like we have at the bottom of the page after clicking on our submitted infographics).

It’s a relief to view your completed infographic, but don’t get too comfortable. Your work has just begun. Once you’ve finished the design process, it’s time to start promoting.