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Don’t get out of the track. Finish your medical education and serve the community. These are often the motivation of medical students. However, as they are just normal and ordinary students there are times when they are also about to give up their studies. Some would even drop out of their class. Given the stress and pressure given to them, saying goodbye to medicine could be their only option. Before that happens, you need to equip yourself with strong commitment and determination to finish the degree. Anticipate the circumstances listed on this infographic so you can avoid or counter it with a strong will.

1. There will be changes in your life that could tip you off the goal. Medical education is a bit long depending on the field of specialization you chose. During the course, there will be changes in your life’s circumstances. It could be that financial constraints will happen especially if you don’t have any jobs before continuing medical education. Another problem that you might encounter is when a family member died because of severe illness. Even falling in love can lead you to quitting school. So, focus!

2. You passed the entrance exam for this profession and that means your intellectual capacity is of no question. However, how long can you avoid or fight the stress brought by long hours of study? How can you cope with the pressure from both the school and your family? Hence, academic capacity isn’t about your intelligence level but your sustenance level and determination and persistence level.

3. If you were not born with the golden spoon but you have this big dream, you need to work harder and double time to reach your goal. This would mean getting a few part-time jobs to support your studies. This is fine but having another thing to do while studying can cause distraction and end up in losing your focus. Aside from that you will endure sleepless nights, stress and poor nutrition.

4. It is not just a problem in medical studies but generally, in all fields- absenteeism. If you keep on getting absences or leave of absence, you will miss out a few of your lessons that will result in your inability to cope with school requirements, exams and other school-related activities. Failure to catch up can cause hopelessness and your tendency is just to drop. Hence, as much as possible don’t be absent.

5. If you are in medical education because you watched a series related to medicine and you feel that it can give you the challenge that you like, you are having a wrong perception about what to expect. Medical films are very much different in real life. And when your expectations failed to correspond to actual scenario, you will feel a level of anxiety. Your goal must come from within yourself and not from your favorite character in a fancy drama.

6. Lastly, not having discipline and failure to organize yourself can hinder you to completing your medical studies.



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