Rudy Gobert Career Stats Infographic

Basketball fans came from different sexes and genders. The dribbling, blocking, dunking, laying up or simply passing the ball from one player to another gives a sense of thrill and excitement to the person watching the game. After the game or the season, you may have your favourite team or player you would wish to proceed to the final game. One of the favourite teams in the court is Utah Jazz specifically its player, Rudy Gobert. His defenses are praised by many while his offenses seem surprising to other players. If you are a fan of Utah Jazz’ Rudy Gobert, read his stats over the years of playing.

1. This Frenchman can’t be stopped when he is about layup. This could be due to his size that seemed to be his major advantage against his opponents. The season 2017-18 raised him to more fame because he was able to score an average of 13.5 points and 2.5 blocks per game.

2. He joined Utah Jazz for the last six seasons. He played for 328 games. For basketball buffs, monitoring his records for these games could be easy. All over these games, his average score is 10 points. He played for an average of 28 minutes per game. That makes him a reliable basketball player for Utah Jazz.

3. His attempts to field goals range from 3.6-5.9 per game. He is a persistent player. However, his field goal percentage is 0.615. In addition, his free throw percentage is .631 which is equivalent to an attempt of 2.7-4.3 free throws per game. On the average, his stat record for offensive rebound is 3.1 while his defensive rebound was 6.9 points and a total of 10 rebounds per game. That is the reason why he deserved to be named 2018 NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

4. For all the games he had, his records show that his assists have an average of 1.2 and blocks of 2.2. Stealing the ball from the opponent’s hand requires fast movements, sometimes you need to trick the one holding the ball. Rudy Gobert has an average of 0.7 steals. Just like any other player, Gobert had some personal fouls which have an average of 2.4 per game.

5. Overall, Rudy Gobert has an NBA Rating of 25.47. He has gained lots of fans among the basketball communities. He has a good attitude in the court and a good team player as well. Starting out could be also difficult for him but he has improved from season to season. His contributions to the team and his performance in the court are evidential through his statistical records.

6. Are you becoming a fan of Rudy Gobert, get Utah Jazz shirts with his number printed on it. It can serve as souvenir worthy of displaying inside the house especially for those who are fond of collecting basketball items. In case you want to know if he will be playing for the 2018-19 season, yes, he is and he is still with Utah Jazz. Experience the thrill of watching basketball when he is in court.



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