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Are you one of those few who would research on which season is the best to sell a property? There are only four seasons in a year and each of these has their own distinct characteristics. It is challenging for both the seller and the buyer to find a house that will be good for all season. That’s why the house should be prepared while regarding the time it is being sold. What’s best for summer will not be good for winter considering the temperature difference. So, here’s an infographic from eMoov that will help you get ready as you sell your house this season.

1. A lot of estate agent will agree that spring is a good time to sell the house. However, this is not absolute. Other seasons such as autumn and winter will not limit you to sell your house. Most of all, if you want to sell it in summer, you must make it well-aired. Check on your walls, ceilings, and windows and get rid of any mould that you can see. This is possible because the house has been closed for a while during the winter season. Also, see the lawn. Can you see a garden to cultivate? Are your pavers clean? Do your cushions and towels match the season?

2. Are you living nearby a river, a beach or a mountain where people would go for vacation? If yes, then summer is the best to sell your house. Holiday houses that are taken for granted on winter season get the eye of a buyer on summer season. First, recolor your cushions to blue and green. These colors give a feeling of tranquillity despite the heat coming from the sun. However, if your property has many west-facing windows, ask the buyer to come in the morning for viewing because it will be very hot in the afternoon.

3. After summer, here comes the autumn. The time when the leaves of trees are falling making it very picturesque. You can take of this scenery on this season if your house is facing the trees, plants, and road as if it is a drama. However, at this time, the temperature starts to change. From the heat of the summer to a chilling autumn, it requires you to have a good heating system. For accents and decors, cozy furnishings with warm colors can be of additional value.

4. Some sellers would lose hope when autumn has passed and still no one buys the house. Winter is not the time to be hopeless because, with good preparations, your house can be sold at this dark and cold times. The west-facing window which was a disadvantage during the summer is turned into an advantage during winter. This is because any possible heat that you are trying to avoid last time would be a bonus to make your house feel warmer. At this time, the competitive edge lies in making a house feel warm and comfortable for potential buyers. What else can you add? Turn on your heating system and accentuate the house with cushions with red and orange colors.


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