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Changing business practices is the way to compete with the modern needs, wants and requirements of the customers. Aside from setting up an actual store where customers can browse over your products, you also need a website where they can see what else do you offer. Some customers would even go up to the last page of your product offerings. Some would look for reviews and testimonials about your product. Do you have a website? In this modern era, having one is not enough. Instead, you need to be seen, bookmarked and remembered by the market. What could be your strategy for this? The answer is search engine optimization. This infographic will give you an idea on how does SEO work for a business.

1. Search engine optimization was a way to gain rankings in the search engine results page. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are platforms where customers would search information for product that they want to buy. The goal of the business is to be at least in the first page of results page and much better if they get the first spot. Well, you don’t expect a customer to go through many pages especially if they saw a good on their first try.

2. Before, the way to get rankings was through link building. This was considered black hat SEO. This means that many websites will be opened and left with a link towards the website. The practice was that because the more links that the website were made, the higher will be the rankings.

3. Another strategy that was used before was keyword stuffing. Website descriptions, blogs, articles and even comments were made with so many keywords. Others had tried spamming bookmarking sites. By the way, keywords are used by the customer when he or she is searching for a product. The more you used this keyword, the higher will be your rankings.

4. Perhaps, the most foul strategy was the use of poor contents just to make articles and blogs. Because many customers were dissatisfied with it, Google rolled out its own mechanism to stop posting garbage articles online. Guidelines for article writing were made and customer can now report poorly made articles.

5. Because of this, SEO changed. Businesses can take advantage of high rankings through natural ways, such as customer reviews and testimonials, rich contents and website’s navigability and overall browsing experience.

6. Another breakthrough strategy in the internet marketing is the use of social media. Customers would get the news about your product first from Facebook or Twitter. They like it share it and they become your own internet marketer. That’s why having a Facebook page is imperative in today’s competitive marketplace. Maximizing social media accounts can be an advantage for a company especially for start up businesses who don’t have money to spend on the known tri-media used for traditional advertising.

7. Lastly, social media can be a complementary strategy for those who are providing great contents, worthy to read and share by the users.



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