Blogging is a great tool to engage your target audience. But text after text can get bland, too. Liven up your blog through the use of infographics. Infographics can animate your information and turn dry details into tantalizing visual presentations.

Spice up Blogs with Infographics

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A word of caution, though. Adding infographics to your blogs will not magically make them appealing. You will need to add infographics strategically if you want to see results. Here are a few tips:

  • OptimizeSEO is a necessity in internet marketing. It can make your brand more visible to those searching for the products or services that your business provides. While most website owners are already familiar with SEO, bloggers need different optimization techniques for their infographics. Bloggers should pay attention to the key elements for infographic optimization: file name, alt text, and meta description.
  • Innovate — Ideas can get stale over time. People want to see fresh, new concepts. Change up your blog ideas and infographic designs regularly to keep people interested. If they see you as a source of novelty and creativity, they’ll keep coming back for more.
  • Sharing with social media — Make your infographic shareable. Infographics can travel quickly on the internet, increasing your business’s exposure. For this to happen, though, you need to make them easy to share. If it becomes too tricky to copy and paste your infographic, users will jump ship. Add an embed code to your infographic (like we have at the bottom of the page after clicking on our submitted infographics).
  • Identify the goal for the content — Both the infographic and text content should drive toward a unified goal and your goal should be established before content is written and the infographic is created. Infographics should not stand alone on your blog, but should be accompanied by a full-length article. You can use your infographic to provide visual context to complement your text-based article, or vice versa.

Blogs are great, but they can be even better when enhanced by artful, compelling, optimized infographics.