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Are you exhausted of colleagues, superiors, paperwork and other work-related activities? You might need to have a break and refresh yourself from too much exposure to dead-tired activities. Go somewhere that would rejuvenate your eagerness to perform in your precious job. However, before you go and have your driving season, you need to secure that your car is in good condition so it can serve you efficiently and would not put you into whatever trouble along the way. To help you shelter your car and to make sure that you would enjoy your outdoor activities, here are the tips and cleaning steps for your car that you need to follow.

1. Pay attention to your car covers and carpets. Of course you don’t want to appear your car messy because it would bother not just your passengers but yourself as well. Thus, clean your car textiles using a damp towel and free your carpet from mud or dirt. If possible, use your car cleaning machine.

2. Carefully wash your car cabinet that contains your electrical equipment like stereo, speaker, etc. Use wet cloth to clean it but make sure you do not make the electrical connections wet. Wipe it appropriately and make it dry immediately.

3. Organize and clean your compartments. Sometimes you might be in a hurry to get from your car after driving so long in a cold road during winter. Because of this, you might have debris, garbage, and other stuff in your car. Get rid of unnecessary stuff in your car and organize it so that you will have ample space for things that are important.

4. Free your window from dust and shine it using a towel. After winter, your window needs immediate attention. You need to clean it so that you can see the way clearly the moment you drive again. Using a window cleaner, clean both the inside and the outside window of your car and shine it using a dry towel.

5. Check the luggage compartment of your vehicle. Using a vacuum cleaner, make sure your trunk is cleaned and your emergency kit is arranged properly. This is also the time for you to ensure that your spare tire is in good condition.

6. Wash the exterior of your car. Oftentimes, car that is regularly washed seem to be in order. Only a soft towel and a mild detergent should be used in washing your vehicle. Make sure it is thoroughly washed.

7. Safeguard that your wheels are scrubbed and cleaned. Your wheels are the most exposed part of your car to dirt and other unwanted stuff. Make sure you wash them thoroughly and scrub it if necessary. You also need to check your tire pressure and if there are loosened lug nuts, you have to tighten them.

8. Get rid of the dirt, leaves and other debris in your hood. When plain wiping seems not to work, you might need to bring your car in a tire store or in an automotive repair shop to ask the help of a professional who can thoroughly clean it.

9. Have the interior of your car waxed. It would be a brilliant idea if you wax the interior of your car but make sure you do it in a covered area which is free from direct sunlight. For best result, it is recommended for you to use spray or liquid wax.

10. Replace windshield wipers if necessary.

source: https://burtbrothers.com/blog/spring-cleaning-tips/


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